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PositionCityStateDate EnteredJob Id
Production Assistant Irvine  CA 12/04/2018 18150-D
Inside Sales / Office Administrator Irvine  CA 12/04/2018 18149-D
Sales Representative Lake Forest  CA 12/04/2018 18148-D
IT Administrator Los Angeles  CA 11/28/2018 18146-D
Human Resources Manager Los Angeles  CA 11/28/2018 18145-D
Financial Analyst Los Angeles  CA 11/26/2018 18144-D
Receptionist / Administrative Assistant Irvine  CA 11/08/2018 18143-D
Social Media Irvine  CA 10/29/2018 18139-D
Sales Representative Irvine  CA 10/29/2018 18137-D
Accountant Torrance  CA 9/07/2018 18124-D
Media Planner (Digital Video) Irvine  CA 8/15/2018 18119-D
HR Administrator Los Angeles  CA 5/15/2018 18103-D