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PositionCityStateDate EnteredJob Id
Inside Sales San Jose  CA 2/20/2018 18080-D
Outside Sales Associate San Jose  CA 2/20/2018 18079-D
Learning Engineer Yokohama   2/15/2018 18078-D
National Sales MC & ATV Manager Brea  CA 2/01/2018 18077-D
Marine Field Service Manager Brea  CA 2/01/2018 18076-D
Company Benefits Banking Relationship Gardena  CA 2/01/2018 18075-D
Administrative Assistant Irvine  CA 2/01/2018 18074-D
Sales Manager Gardena  CA 2/01/2018 18073-D
Digital Marketing Torrance  CA 1/19/2018 18072-D
Sales Manager Plano  TX 1/18/2018 18071-D
Assistant to President Torrance or Nagoya   11/21/2017 17063-D
IoT Engineer Dallas  TX 11/21/2017 17062-D
SI Engineer Houston  TX 11/21/2017 17061-D
Audit/Assurance Manager Torrance  CA 11/21/2017 17060-D
Assurance Senior Staff Torrance  CA 11/17/2017 16002-D
Tax Manager Torrance  CA 11/17/2017 16001-D
Sr. PHP Developer Irvine  CA 10/17/2017 17058-D
PHP Developer Irvine  CA 10/17/2017 17057-D
Sales Assistant Santa Ana  CA 10/17/2017 17056-T
Sales Assistant Torrance  CA 9/25/2017 17047-T
Account Executive Irvine  CA 9/12/2017 17045-D