Software Defined Network Architect Role

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Salary: Open

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Below is what the Manager said to me in an email. The rates are open so If anyone finds someone qualified, I will send them over. Let me know if anyone has questions!


“ I know these are going to be difficult to find so rather than give you a salary or hourly rate, see what you can find and let me know what they are looking for and we can negotiate a rate for the right people.  Let me know if you have any questions about either position.”


“A clearance is preferred but not absolutely required but they do need to be clearable.   I would search first for cleared people and if you can't find viable candidates, then expand it out to clearable folks.


For the OpenStack engineer a Red Hat certification would be preferred but again not absolutely required, it will really be based on their experience level.  For the Software Defined Network Architect position, any combination of networking certification (CCNP, CCIE, Juniper, etc.) and software certs would be preferred.


These are both going to have to be rock star level qualification and experience which is why I didn't cap you on salary...see what you can find.”


Software Defined Network Architect Role



ORock Technologies, Inc. is experiencing significant growth resulting in rapid expansion of the underlying network infrastructure to support that growth.  We are seeking a software engineer with development experience in multiple areas including virtualized networks, network/infrastructure automation, SDN controllers and associated tools and technologies.


As part of the ORock team of architects, engineers and software developers, you will have the opportunity to create and deliver fully automated datacenter and backbone networks to support cloud scale applications.


You will be building software for controlling distributed network services, multi-level abstractions, complete automation of configurations, deployment and management of our cloud network infrastructure extending from the core datacenter to global backbone networks.


In collaboration with the network architects, you will design and implement the network models to support the rapid growth, monitoring, capacity planning and provide well designed templates and tools to deliver network services as code.


You will create standards and repeatable templates for device level configuration and expose them as reusable services by higher layers of orchestration. The job additionally involves converting traditional modes of CLI based network configuration into automated services driven by software.




  • S. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience.
  • Strong software engineering/development background with at least 5+ years’ experience in large distributed systems, infrastructure or network automation and Web services  
  • Proficiency at programming in Python, Java.
  • Well versed in developments in Software Defined Networking and controllers like OpenDaylight, openvSwitch
  • Strong knowledge of API design such as Netconf, RESTful API as well as configuration management tools such as CHEF, Ansible
  • Good knowledge of data models, relational databases, NOSQL and a generl understanding of cloud development principals such as loose coupling, separation of services, micro services
  • Must have familiarity with load balancing platforms and technologies, firewall platforms, switching and routing platforms - Cisco, Juniper, F5 and other open source alternatives
  • Knowledge of IP Networking, datacenter network technologies, packet forwarding architectures and internet routing protocols (BGP, GRE, IPSec, VxLAN, Dot1Q, QinQ, 40G/100G futures, DNS, HTTP, netflow/Jflow  etc) highly desirable.
  • Good understanding of software development tools such as SCMs, automated build systems, test systems and harnesses, Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment.
  • Must have strong debugging skills.
  • Experience and desire to write clean, testable code with automated tests
  • Strong focus on complete automation and delivering highly available solutions for highly demanding requirements (devops).
  • CCIE / JNCIE certifications or equivalents are an added advantage - willingness to adopt and adapt to new technologies.
  • In-depth to expert knowledge of various information security control frameworks, best practice standards, regulatory requirements, industry requirements for information security and IT related compliance requirements including SOC-2, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP, SOX and ISO 27001
  • Technical experience with virtualization and cloud technologies preffered, e.g. Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV), VMWare vSphere, Microsoft
  • Ability to accomplish goals independently - highly result oriented.
  • A strong team player with excellent written and verbal communication skills.




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Software Defined Network Architect Role
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