Job Description

SG2 is supporting Maryland-based Constellation Technologies in a search for a number of top cleared IT professionals. The System Engineer III will be responsible for:

  • Design, build and integrate all physical, virtual and logical systems and networks;
  • Within a highly virtualized VMWare and vCloud Director Environment, the SE III will design and provide a multitude of internal customers with a virtual machine environment that will include network setup (VMWare NSX);
  • Responsible for concurrently working on a number of efforts and tasks in a fast paced
  • IT environment;
  • Responsible for stakeholder and customer support;
  • Work directly with the government customer to analyze requirements and address technical concerns;
  • Document the technical designs and architecture;.
  • Design, build and configure project hardware such as servers, virtual machines, SAN\NAS and
  • networking equipment that includes multi-level firewalls and switches;
  • Install and configure both Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and custom applications
  • Act as the key point of contact for all hardware, virtualization and management of
  • network resources;
  • Ensure the implementation of overall project security and compliance controls;
  • Work within a team and be a cohesive force with incumbent staff; and
  • Provide technical leadership for the integration of requirements, design, and technology.


Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • 20 years of system engineering experience or 25 years without a degree;
  • Strong ability to contribute to the development of sections of systems engineering documentation such as System Engineering Plans, Initial Capabilities Documents, Requirements Specifications and Interface Control Documents;
  • Strong hands-on experience in virtualized environments (VMWare) and networking;
  • Demonstrated ability to assist with the development of system requirements, functional requirements and allocation of the same to individual hardware, software facility and personnel components;
  • Demonstrated participation in an integrated product team to design new capabilities based upon evaluation of all necessary development and operational considerations;
  • Demonstrated ability to allocate real-time process budgets and error budgets to systems and subsystem components;
  • Demonstrated ability in establishing and gaining approval of the definition of a system or component under development (requirements, designs, interfaces, test procedures, etc.) that provides a common reference point for hardware and software developers;
  • Demonstrated ability to generate alternative system concepts, physical architectures, and design solutions;
  • Capability to define methods, processes, and evaluation criteria by which the systems, subsystems, and work products can be verified against their requirements in a written plan;
  • Demonstrated capability to develop system design solutions that satisfy the system requirements and fulfils the functional requirements analysis;
  • Ability to develop derived requirements for Information Assurance Services (confidentiality, integrity, non repudiation and availability);
    • Basic Information Assurance Mechanisms (e.g., Identification, Authentication, Access Control, Accountability); and
    • Security Mechanism Technology (passwords, cryptography, discretionary access control, mandatory access control, hashing, key management, etc);
  • Hands-on and recent SAN\NAS experience;
  • Hands-on experience scripting in PowerShell and/or PowerCLI;
  • Hands-on experience in the administration of CISCO, McAfee Enterprise (or similar) Firewalls and networking equipment (firewalls\switches\SAN);
  • Hands-on experience using NetApp Storage Devices;
  • Hands-on experience using CISCO UCS hardware environments;
  • Hands-on experience in Linux Administration Serve as a member of the CCB;
  • Demonstrated advanced problem solving skills; and
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new applications/programs quickly.

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