Job Description

Our client Decipher Technology Studios is hiring a Project Lead. This person will work as the project coordinator within Decipher’s Solutions organization. Decipher Technology Studio’s product, Grey Matter service mesh, provides infrastructure transparency and controls that complement DevOps, continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD), cloud native architectures, and the communication and security required in hybrid cloud implementations.

The candidate will be the primary interface between one or more of Decipher’s technical leads, the customer and/or the end user.

What will you be doing?

  • Evangelize the benefits of the Grey Matter service mesh and the Mesh Application and Services Architecture (MASA) by working directly with customers and end users to develop, maintain, and grow relationships and business opportunities;
  • Oversee the execution and improvement of multiple active projects within the Decipher solutions organization by providing professional and technical staff assistance and mentorship within projects, plan, direct, and coordinate activities of individual or multiple solution project teams, coordinate and direct engineering projects and market and promote solutions to existing and new customers;
  • Provide active support for the deployment and testing of solutions and all programmatic and financial reporting to all project stakeholders; and
  • Support the VP of Solutions with project execution, capture and other related responsibilities of the VP, define and disseminate organization-wide program management tools, metrics, and standards, communicate quality assurance criteria between product and technology groups and provide program and contract execution reporting to monitor and improve overall customer satisfaction.

The Project Lead will have the following skills and experience:

  • Ability to visit client locations in the DC metro area;
  • Minimum Secret US Government security clearance;
  • Bachelors degree in a STEM concentration;
  • A minimum of 4 years of consulting, project or program management experience on IT projects or portfolios including at least 2 years of federal experience;
  • A strong understanding of the US government software development process;
  • A strong understanding of the certification and accreditation process for the DoD risk management framework; and
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

You get extra credit if you have:

  • Experience working for or with the DoD and/or members of the IC in a project management capacity;
  • Project and/or Program management certifications; or
  • Experience working with service mesh and related technologies.

The client and work location:

You will be supporting both government and commercial clients. The DoD is one of Deciphers most important clients. Although most of your work can be completed remotely, there will be instances when a visit to the client location will be required. The DoD offices are located along the Potomac River at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C.

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