Technical Writer

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Position Title

Technical Writer

Project Labor Category

Technical Analyst

Project Manager


U.S. Courts

Division/Office Supporting

Directly: Application Support Branch

Indirectly: ASO Branch

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Date Needed by

as soon as possible

Work Location

AO Building in Washington DC, next to Union Station

Duration of Contract

last year of contract

Position Description

The contractor will be directly supporting and collaborating with the Administrative Systems Office (ASO) Application Support Branch Chief, and the contractors work product will be delivered to the ASO Branch Deputy Chief. The contractor will be responsible from consolidating large amounts of technical, financial, and human resources (HR) information accumulated by the ASO Application Support Branch Chief into executive summaries, PowerPoint presentations and other forms of written documentation.

Responsibilities of the role include:

  • Writing Executive Summaries.
  • Ability to consolidate large amounts of data (technical, HR and financial) into written summaries, presentations and other written documents.
  • Ability to write summaries, documents, presentations and other documents for all levels of Executive Leadership.
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations for presentation to Executive Leadership.
  • Displaying text in graphics as needed for presentations or summaries.
  • Ability to support, communicate and collaborate with Executive Leadership.

Required Skills

  • Advanced writing skills required. Must be able to provide a writing sample.
  • Experience writing Executive Summaries
  • Experience creating PowerPoint presentations for Executive Leadership
  • Advanced Microsoft Word experience
  • Understanding of the IT industry and IT terminology
  • Must have good attention to detail

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Technical Writer
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