Senior Tester

Job Description

Senior Tester requires a FULL SCOPE poly clearance. If you do not hold this level security clearance, please do not apply

Specific Tasks/Duties
• Responsible for testing a Tomcat Web Application
• Act as the primary/sole tester on a cross functional team
• Create and execute test plans and test procedure development (functional and performance) in an agile (working in sprints, effort estimation for new sprints) environment
• Participate in Capability Development Group (CDG) Integrated Product Team (IPT) and/or Integrated Test Team as needed to ensure proper coordination of acceptance testing activities
• Perform load-testing, and performance monitoring and analysis
• Responsible for providing quality process improvements and recommendations to further reduce defects from being released into production

Proficiency Level
• Works under consultative direction towards predetermined long-range goals and objectives. Assignments are often self-initiated. Determines and pursues courses of action necessary to obtain desired results. Work checked through consultation and agreement with others rather than by formal review of superior.
• Develops advanced technological ideas and guides their development into a final product. Erroneous decisions or recommendations would typically result in failure to achieve critical organizational objectives and affect the image of the organization's technological capability

Required Technologies/Tools/Skills (must have):
• Experience planning and executing Performance Analysis
• Experience testing Web Applications
• Experience writing discrepancy reports, test plans, and perform integration regression testing to verify/validate incorporated fixes to software, components, subsystems and systems
• Experience with JIRA for Agile development
• Know basic Unix commands (more, tail, grep)
• Experience with test automation tools: JUnit and Selenium
• Self-motivated and an attention to details

Job Title
Senior Tester

City State
Hanover MD
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