Senior Electrical Engineer

Job Description

SSI is looking for a Senior Electrical Engineer to support a project that will help lead ot the integration of software defined radios, intelligent broadcast systems and other electronic systems to enhance combat readiness.

  • Document designs as part of drawing packages using AutoCAD and other applications.
    • Direct the assembly, testing, field operations and maintenance of electronic components and subcomponents.
    • Use computer-assisted engineering and design software (LabVIEW and similar) and ancillary equipment to perform engineering tasks.
    • Conducts Environmental Qualification Testing (EQT).
    • Design printed circuit boards (PCBs), electronic circuits, components, power and control systems, wiring and cable harnesses, utilizing digital, analog and systems engineering skills.
    • Perform analysis, design and conduct testing on RF, High-Speed Digital, and Analog Systems.
    • Analyze, design, and test RF Antenna solutions
    • Use computer-assisted engineering and design software (ORCAD, PADS, or KiCad).
    • General Engineering Capabilities:
    o Product and Technical Research
    o Requirements Management and Analysis
    o Troubleshooting
    o Quality Assurance and Control
    • Signal Processing.
    • Software-defined radio and intelligent broadcast system prototyping.


  • Ten (10) years full-time professional experience working in an engineering environment defining requirements, and designing, developing or testing various applications and programs.
    • BS in Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or similar.
    • Experience with testing for shock and vibration, temperature, and EMI is a plus.
    • Experience with signal processing and RF spectrum management.
    • Experience with PCB design.
    • Experience with design and testing of RF, High-Speed Digital, and Analog Systems.
    • Experience with RF antenna design and analysis.
    • Experience with computer-assisted engineering and design software.
    • Experience using LabVIEW software.

Job Title
Senior Electrical Engineer

City State
Norfolk VA
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