Milwaukee, WI

Wealth Management Service Advisor


  1. Draft financial plans which integrate all facets of financial planning: investment, tax, retirement planning, estate, and insurance.
  2. Perform asset allocation analysis and trade recommendations based on firm models and investment policies; participate on the Investment Management Committee.
  3. Prepare presentations and other materials necessary for client meetings
  4. Perform research of investments and craft Morningstar reports of client portfolios for discussion with client.
  5. Liaison with estate attorney to draft estate documents. Liaison with insurance broker to write insurance policy for clients, if needed and requested.
  6. Answer client communication and conduct client meetings regarding portfolio performance and financial plan.
  7. Participate in the firm’s marketing and sales efforts.
  8. Direct support staff to complete portfolio admin tasks (opening accounts, money movement, beneficiary update, etc.)

What are we looking for?

  1. Full-time employment. Salary. Bonuses are purely discretionary and based on merit.
  2. Book of business is not a requirement
  3. This is not a sales position. Although there are no sales goals/targets, employee will be asked to participate in marketing and sales efforts of the company.
  4. CFP® and Series 65 or Series 66 required
  5. Understanding of Morningstar reports
  6. Fluency in Microsoft Excel formulas (sum, vlookup, concantenate, etc.) and links between worksheets and workbooks.


  1. Ability to contribute to company 401(k); participate in Employer match.
  2. Company funded Cash Balance Plan.
  3. HSA $1 for $1 Employer match
  4. 100% Employer paid health and dental insurance for employee only. Employee’s dependents can participate in health and dental insurance group plan, but employee pays 100% of the costs.
  5. Group life insurance and Short-Term Disability insurance
  6. Paid vacation allowance beginning with two weeks. Increases once certain anniversary milestones are met.