Job Description

Warehouse Shipping & Receiving Manager

Manages the shipping and receiving functionalities of the warehouse, engages with vendors and drivers. Ensures materials are received and distributed in a timely manner as required for jobs entering production to include:
  • Supervision and coordination of verification of shipping records, invoices, and statements, ensuring shipping priorities are exceeded.
  • Evaluates, handles, and processes orders, shipping notices, bills of lading, and similar records and/or documents.
  • Maintains records of all orders, to include both fulfilled and unfilled orders.
  • Determines most effective shipping and receiving routes and rates.
  • Posts weight and shipping charges.
  • Arranges for our driver to move products and materials to and from locations.
  • Arranges for freight deliveries and couriers as needed.
2. Responsible for supervising the receiving of shipments:
  • Alerts responsible departments of materials/items entering the facility.
  • Coordinates delivery/movement of received/incoming goods to the actual departments awaiting the goods (applicable storage and designated work areas).
3. Facilitates loading, logistics, and safety operations duties and tasks:
  • Inspects loading operations to ensure compliance with shipping specifications.
  • Seals loaded boxcars and truck doors.
  • Determines routing and legal load limits of trucks, according to established schedules and state weight limits.
  • Maintains vehicle maintenance report.
4. Collaborates and communicates with customer service representatives (CSR’s), production staff, kitting, external vendors, and others involved in the shipment and receipt of products. Manages the escalation of order tracking and tracing. Updates the status of incoming and outgoing shipments among associates responsible for the projects.
5. Directly supervises the Shipping & Receiving team members. Coaches staff by managing performance. Drives goal setting initiatives and supports goal achievement activities. Facilitates all related Shipping & Receiving training(s) as required for associates.
6. Establishes and maintains Shipping & Receiving team production schedules, taking into consideration estimates of labor hours required in each area to exceed customer expectations.
7. Maintain harmony with the mindset and overall directives and philosophies of upper management. Treat each employee with respect. Insists on reliability, competency, and a positive, cooperative attitude amongst Shipping & Receiving staff.
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Marietta GA
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