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Warehouse Manager

Finishing Manager

Summary of Responsibilities

This role is responsible for leading the Finishing and Warehouse areas in support the company’s business group requirements. The Finishing and Warehouse Manager assumes the overall responsibility for all aspects of Finishing/Packaging and Warehouse operations, ensuring continual safe operations, customer commitments and quality standards are achieved, productivity objectives are met and company policies, guidelines and initiatives are implemented in a consistent manner. In addition, this positions develops and implements programs and systems to improve productivity with a primary focus on people skills and development, finishing planning and operational workflows (working closely with Quality Assurance, Production Control and Procurement groups). The Finishing and Warehouse Manager is expected to demonstrate a high-degree of initiative, self-motivation and technical understanding of the manufacturing process.

Essential Functions

  • Believes and demonstrates the “Safety First” philosophy. Complies with all safety standards. Actively participates in safety programs and is a safety advocate. Performs audits and safety walks during the shift.
  • Assumes overall responsibility for all aspects of Slitting, Secondary Slitting, Sheeting, Guillotine, Packaging/Sorting and on-site/off-site FG Warehouse activities.
  • Effectively manages staff to meet productivity objectives as established by the Plant Manager. This includes but is not limited to, implementation of programs/auditing results, area cycle counts, coaching/counseling team members, ensuring effective plans are implemented and executed to minimize downtimes, maximize run time and workforce resources are utilized effectively and efficiently.
  • Maintains complete ownership of a Push and Pull manufacturing operation.
  • Engages in every aspect of the Finishing and Warehouse areas and periodically audits systems and processes without being instructed to.
  • Manages meeting production requirements to assure all aspects (safety, yields and efficiencies, product performance, compliance with quality standards and test methods) are being met.
  • Ensures quality production of the company’s products and strives for product that meets or exceeds customer fitness for use requirements by monitoring products and operation to identify potential quality problems. Maintains a close working relationship with Quality Assurance and facilitate interactions to resolve production issues.
  • Targets and maintains the highest possible inventory accuracy for products and materials in all responsible areas. Implements processes and systems to drive continual accuracy and efficiency.
  • Responsible for logistics and efficiency improvements throughout the Finishing, Packaging and FG Warehouse areas.
  • Fully understands and supports the technical requirements and development of Process and Products.
  • Promotes positive team and inter-departmental interactions to support a unified approach to achieving company goals. This includes effectively communicating (oral and written), soliciting and using performance feedback and altering behaviors to improve performance (for self and direct reports), training, being trained, working to resolve employee relations issues and supporting team and individual initiatives.
  • Develops direct reports and mentors them to improve performance and prepare them for the next level.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all direct reports are properly trained and fairly assessed, including training and assessment program development/implementation and training resource allocation.
  • Frequently interacts with all operating personnel and coaches them on their performance in an empowering way.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Demonstrates a high degree of self-motivation, initiative, professionalism and integrity.
  • Works well within a self-directed team environment with minimal supervision; ability to manage team efforts to meet safety, quality, production and good housekeeping goals.
  • Has excellent problem solving and well-developed troubleshooting skills.
  • Able to work cross functionally and collaboratively with various stakeholders.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong leadership and coaching skills.

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