Position Id

Vice President of Operations!!!!!!!!!!!

Facilitate, integrate, coordinate and direct all treatment actions as prescribed in the treatment philosophy, agency goals and objectives for our centers. Provide and monitor continuity of program services in an ethical, legal and moral manner within a safe and therapeutic environment, consistent with applicable regulatory and accreditation standards.

Qualifications/Basic Job Requirements

  • A Master’s degree of Psychology, Counseling, Social Work or a related health field
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in professional field or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience
  • Minimum of three years supervisory experience
  • Minimum of two years program development experience
  • Specific education, experience or training in budget preparation
  • Specific education, experience or training in addictions treatment. Residential preferred.

Essential Responsibilities

  1. Support and promote the vision through participation in community or profession programs and events aligned with or useful to the promotion of the vision, mission, beliefs and values while promoting a positive image at all times.
  2. Understand and adheres to all policies and procedures governed by federal and state guidelines regarding confidentiality and abuse reporting; embraces the Code of Conduct/Ethics policies.
  3. Develop and maintain professional and supportive relationships with all staff.
  4. Lead creative and innovative solutions to improve performance and enhance clinical competencies.
  5. Deliver on-time expectations and constructive feedback to direct staff and others in a supportive and vision-enhancing manner; deliver performance feedback on a timely basis.
  6. Network with colleagues in the Siouxland area on a cooperative and collaborative basis to advance the vision and mission.
  7. Participate in the development of strategic plan, goals, objectives and organizational structure.
  8. Participate in planning, implementing and developing the budget.
  9. Develop vision driven goals and operational plans for program and clinical service centers.
  10. Prepares or facilitates grant proposals, requests for funding, contracts and similar forms of participation with business partners and funding sources.
  11. Coordinate the efforts of all program areas within a single vision that advances the vision and mission.
  12. Develop, implement, and maintain a system of accountability to monitor utilization of program resources, clinical appropriateness, quality and outcome of services, and client satisfaction.
  13. Organize the overall approach to the delivery of services across all clinical programs and provide supervision in the performance of these functions within their respective programs.
  14. Ensure implementation and compliance with regulatory standards for all service standards.
  15. Maintain professional licensure and certification, as applicable.
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