Title: Vice President, Technology

Reports to: EVP and Chief Financial Officer

Direct Reports: 4 direct reports:

  • Director PMO
  • Director of Clinical IT
  • Director of IT Operations
  • Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics

Staff: 20


Non-Profit Health Care System specializing in comprehensive young adult and pediatric care. With approximately 1,000 employees and volunteers serving the District of Columbia and Maryland locations, the organization provides and coordinates innovative, high quality, community-based care for individuals with complex needs and their families.


The VP of Technology (VP IT) is the principal technology leader with overall responsibility for the vision and leadership of the information technology strategy, developing and implementing information technology (IT) initiatives that improve cost effectiveness, service delivery, and program development in the constantly changing public sector. The VP IT will lead in planning and implementing enterprise information systems to support both distributed and centralized operations and achieve more efficient and effective enterprise-wide IT operations. As the leader of Information Technology, the VP IT will ensure that the IT division is effectively organized and resourced to deliver operational goals.


  • Providing strategic and tactical planning, development, evaluation and coordination of the information and technology systems for the health care
  • Serve as the primary advisor to the executive team on future trends in technology and assist in identifying opportunities to leverage technology to promote high quality clinical value outcomes while acting as an effective steward of our
  • Ensures continuous delivery and operation of the information systems.
  • Coordination, facilitation and consultation with all leadership and staff on information systems, technology and management systems initiatives.
  • Ensures the organization is current with the information systems standards and compliance set by appropriate regulatory entities and
  • Participating proactively with Executives and senior leadership in developing and executing strategic plans to optimize the use of information technology in support of the strategic objectives.
  • Participates in policy and decision making at the enterprise level regarding resource allocation and future direction and control of proposed information
  • Developing and maintaining an appropriate organizational structure capable of supporting the information needs through appropriate and cost-effective information
  • Developing and enforcing policy and procedures to ensure the protection of enterprise IT assets and the integrity, security of information entrusted to or maintained by the enterprise.
  • Collaborate with leaders at all levels of the organization and manage a team of professionals who are accountable for IT and related tasks
  • Maintaining up to date IT plan for periodical board
  • Developing annual plans of work with departments managed that reflect priorities and initiatives of the organization.
  • Ensures that policies procedures and process maps are up to date and are followed across areas of responsibility. (Process maps are used to define activities and are the basis for procedures and inform information systems design change requests).
  • Ensures that vendor contract requirements are met, and deliverables are achieved in accordance with
  • Assists and supports the CFO in the development of the service budget according to utilization projections, utilization management goals and available
  • Monitor expenditures and forecasts of service utilization to ensure funding is spent in accordance with plans or identify changes in budgets needed to accommodate service utilization.
  • Ensure that high profile consumer care issues or complaints receive appropriate attention for optimal resolution and that opportunities for improvement are identified and acted
  • Collaboration with other health systems: Demonstrate leadership in the initiation of clinical collaborations with other organizations and healthcare
  • Supports innovations in practice and service delivery which produce better outcomes
  • Conducts internal monitoring to measure organizational performance against goals and performance indicators as well as compliance with contract
  • May perform other duties in addition to those outlined in this job
    • Demonstrates understanding of quality of service and collaborates with co-workers to ensure excellence is achieved
    • Innovates through improvement of care and/or efficiency of operational
    • Dedicated to a standard of performance excellence and high quality

Collaboration & Leadership Skills


  • Creates a safe environment that encourages brainstorming, creativity and “out-of-the- box” thinking
  • Encourages a diverse group of people to communicate effectively and embrace creative thinking
  • Drives the collaborative efforts of the team to achieve goals in the most effective and efficient way
  • Demonstrates listening and feedback skills
  • Proactively assumes responsibility and accountability for results to include management of organizational change
  • Empowers staff in ensuring a culture of transparency, fairness, respect and excellence
  • Strategically aligns operational and tactical objectives to drive business results.
  • Encourages collaboration with team members based on trust, mutual respect, consistent visible support, and open and honest

Leadership Skills


  • Bachelor’s degree in a technology-related field required; Master’s degree
  • Candidate should have 10+ years IT industry, consulting or business
  • Minimum of 10 years executive experience leading, integrated
  • Relevant expertise in one or more specific areas: health care operations, health care IT, health care analytics, process
  • Previous consulting experience is
  • Outstanding analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills required.
  • Significant project management experience preferred
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Applications, Business Intelligence, and Infrastructure Architectures. Additionally, must possess thorough knowledge of HIPAA data management requirements, healthcare systems knowledge, and governmental reporting
  • Position requires the ability to understand and apply a wide range of federal, state, and local laws and regulations related to governmental fiscal and program
  • Effective oversight of the IT Department is dependent upon the ability to critically review reports and prepare recommendations from such review; ability to perform workflow analyses and identify and implement appropriate actions to accommodate staffing shortages; ability to train, mentor and coach staff effectively; and the ability to develop a broad understanding of the organization.


Job Type
Full-Time Regular

Information Technology

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