Territory Manager
Location: Panama


Looking for high-achieving and personable management professional, possessing excellent communication and organizational skills. Successful at building a strong professional network on the country. Must be commercially oriented, independent, self-motivated and capable of working ion own initiative and capable of working effectively as part of our team.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • From customers to suppliers, it must ensure that all aspects of a business operate smoothly.
  • Ensure that a business’s in-country adheres to all country regulations and headquarters cultural guidelines.
  • Manage every aspect of our newly expanding operation in-country
  • Negotiate with vendors and service providers needed for production
  • Collaborate with local businesses to acquire all necessary resources and services
  • Work to ensure deadlines are met.


  • Support the market development in assigned countries
  • Create and implement account customer’s strategy, including developing and maintaining relationships with key decision makers
  • Develop plans for company growth and improvement of sales in the country.
  • Network effectively with local clients and develop strong professional relationships
  • Network with other potential clients and competitors in the market and get business tactics and establish working relationships with external parties which supports the achievement of business goals ideas from them


  • Responsible for building a company’s brand in a specific country or region.
  • Devise advertising and promotional plans and are involved in product positioning and global brand marketing development.
  • Conduct extensive research regarding the market and learn everything possible
  • Develop marketing and production teams with local expertise
  • Contribute to the overall global success of our company


  • Continually assess country progress, sales and marketing successes and compile reports to submit to superiors in corporate headquarters.
  • Present reports regarding budgets, sales growth or declines, new business leads and regulatory compliance.


  • Oversee the hiring and training of staff in a particular region when growth warrants it.
  • It will be involved in staff selection, training development, scheduling and ongoing professional development of employees.

Country Manager Skills

  • Need to demonstrate strong communication, organizational and negotiation skills.
  • Must be a motivated self-starter with the ability to work with little or no supervision and possess the ability to assemble and manage teams.
  • Presentation, analytical and planning skills are also essential.
  • Above-average people management, customer service and leadership skills are crucial.
  • MANAGEMENT Must oversee all aspects of business operations, including recruiting and training staff and maintaining budgets
  • REGIONAL EXPERTISE -Must possess a deep understanding of their country’s local politics to enforce laws and regulations.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING- Another key part of this role is using research to develop brand strategies and implement them to promote company products and services

Country Manager Requirements and Qualifications

  • Master’s degree, MBA or other relevant fields, strongly preferred
  • 10 years’ or more experience in management in an international business setting; requires a strong understanding of how a business operates and successful candidates will have a proven track record demonstrating their understanding and business acumen
  • Significant experience in the finance and marketing fields strongly preferred
  • Fluent in the language of the country and English
  • Must be a resident of the Country
  • Exceptionally well organized and driven by success
  • Ability to thrive in high-pressure situations
  • Outstanding negotiating skills
  • Analytical thinker with superior problem-solving skills
  • Solid history of data-driven strategic development
  • Decisive and committed
  • A natural leader who inspires and motivates those around them
  • Excellent networking skills
  • Able to deliver the highest standards of customer service.
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