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Job Type
Full-Time Regular

Job Description

Telemetry Technician

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Degree: Certificate.
  • Education: Completion of a cardiovascular technology program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Professionals or completion of a formal military program that trains telemetry technicians.
  • Certification: Certification by the American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine in basic EKG Level IA.
  • Experience: One year of experience as a Telemetry Technician after graduation.

Core Duties:

  • Monitor, analyze, evaluate, interpret, document, and report cardiac rhythms, alarm parameters, waveforms, and trends on a central telemetry monitoring system. Immediately and accurately identify cardiac dysrhythmias and aberrancies, and immediately report events to the registered nurse or officer in charge and document notification.
  • Obtain a baseline strip on all monitored patients, documenting and analyzing EKG rhythms of patients on telemetry.
  • Replace electrode pads, wires and batteries as needed.
  • Obtain EKGs as necessary.
  • Keep accurate records of EKG changes, update charting, and maintain active and accurate communication between physicians, staff nurses, charge nurses, or other designated professional staff.

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