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Audi, Porsche, Land Rover or Jaguar Automotive Technician
Scottsdale, Arizona

Perform diagnostic tests using multiple systems to identify vehicle operational problems, using specialized test equipment to isolate the possible cause(s) of vehicle problems.

The technician will make vehicular repairs to correct the diagnosed problems and return the vehicle to top operating efficiency.

Earn $25 – 35/hour.


  • Properly diagnose vehicle problems.
  • Tear down, repair, and reassemble vehicle components.
  • Complete work orders, in accordance with applicable safety requirements, company policies and published procedures
  • Ensure proper listing of parts and service times, etc.
  • Road test vehicle to insure proper operation.
  • Properly use the tools and equipment provided by the Service Department
  • Attend/complete required training and department meetings


  • High School graduation or equivalent is preferred for all employees.
  • Current valid driver’s license is required for all employees.
  • Two or more years of demonstrated experience in auto mechanics, diagnostics, and repair.
  • Manufacturer’s certifications as appropriate.

To learn more, please call Michael at 602-788-5890 or email