Technical Writer - Advanced (ID: 3133)

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Ottawa ON
Job Type
Full-Time Regular

Robertson Ottawa, recruiting for a Senior Technical Writer, with Secret Clearance and experience in the field of IT Security, network security, and/or cyber security.

Location: Ottawa
Security Clearance: Secret
Languages: English
Experience: Minimum 10 Years
Contract Duration: 48 Weeks

What you will achieve in this role

  • Assist RCAF Headquarters staff with administration and coordination of Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) efforts to include:
    • In identifying and prioritizing RCAF SA&A objectives;
    • Coordinate, monitor, manage, and schedule RCAF SA&A activities leading to Departmental review and eventual approval;
    • Developing and presenting formal recommendations on the conduct of SA&A to senior levels;
    • Review and analysis of RCAF SA&A documentation for compliancy with Departmental and GoC Information Technology Security Policy;
    • Develop and Deliver hands-on instructor led SA&A training and associated course materiel to RCAF Security Practitioners;
    • Travel to meet, interview, train, and / or exchange information with RCAF SA&A stakeholders;
  • Interact with internal and external organizations as required to: research, develop and provide advice and recommendations on the development and enhancement of SA&A documentation;
  • Act as an RCAF participant at SA&A-related work groups, meetings, conferences and other RCAF SA&A initiatives

What you must bring to this role

  • Minimum of ten (10) years within the last fifteen (15) years of relevant experience in the field of IT Security, network security, and / or cyber security in the context of a large organization (800+ users) or the Government of Canada.
  • Ablility to demonstrate knowledge and experience with the IT Security Risk Management Framework such as:
    • Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A).
    • The Certification and Accreditation Process (C&A).
    • The Harmonized Threat Risk Assessment Process.
    • The NIST Cyber Security Framework.
    • NIST Special Publication 800-37.
  • Ablility to demonstrate knowledge and experience with Governmental Security Policy such as:
    • The Policy on Government Security (PGS).
    • Management of Information Technology Security (MITS).
    • Information Technology Security Guidance 33 (ITSG-33).
    • NIST Special Publication 800-53.
    • The DND Security Assessment and Authorization Guide (SAAG).
  • Significant experience with reviewing and analyzing specifications, notes, drawings and other technical support documentation.
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