Job Description

Role Summary

This exciting position reports directly to the President. The Company’s primary goal for this role is to utilize your innovative skills as our Talent Relationship Specialist, aka FCI’s Talent Magnet GURU, to spearhead all talent Recruitment, Onboarding, Orientation, & Development/Retention processes company-wide.

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities

Talent Magnet (20%)

  1. Lead in the innovation required in today’s job market to attract top talent, A players
  2. Work with marketing to generate fresh content and branding for attracting talent and maintain a continuous presence in the job market locally, regionally, and nationally
  3. Resolves issues effectively seeing real problems, being comfortable with conflict, discussing and solving problems in a practical and healthy manner. Ensures the leadership team is healthy, functional, and cohesive.
  4. Exemplifies and upholds our core values: Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships, OWN IT, Integrity in all we Do, Always a Pro, Cutting edge Cool People.
  5. Exemplifies and upholds our Core Focus: Delivering Construction Excellence via Building Synergistic Authentic Relationships

Talent Sourcing (20%)

  1. Work with director to determine ideal candidate traits for each position
  2. Use a variety of top sourcing methods to identify the right candidates and secure their interest in Fiorilli Construction
  3. Network within the community, build relationships, and attend job fairs to attract the brightest new talent
  4. Consistently reaches out to passive candidates to cultivate relationships
  5. Discover new ways to source for candidates

Talent Acquisition (25%)

  1. Facilitate the entire recruitment process interviews and follow ups
  2. Manage and master our Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  3. Leverage our ATS system for continuous outreach required for top talent
  4. Facilitate connecting ownership and directors with A players on a weekly basis
  5. Maintains relationships and communication with all candidates throughout the hiring process

Recruitment and Retention Process Management (15%)

  1. Facilitate the candidate experience throughout Recruitment, Onboarding, Orientation, and Development/Retention Processes
  2. Own each of the required processes from cradle to grave, in full support of managers and directors
  3. Employee Development: Create opportunities to help employees with future career and personal growth development
  4. Employee Retention: RPRS, continued training, competitive salaries, flexibility, company benefits and perks.
  5. Create innovative new procedures in talent acquisition for implementation as we continue to grow

Onboarding (20%)

  1. 100% compliance on all processes leading up to new hire start day (phone, computer, apparel, drug test, background check, references, first day lunch, company communication, social media, office workstation, etc.)
  2. Ensures that new hires are completing onboarding within 2 weeks of date of hire
  3. Checks in with new hires on a weekly basis during onboarding and then monthly after onboarding is completed.
  4. Ensures a smooth transition from onboarding to training within department
  5. Guide new hires through 30-60-90 Day process


  1. Experience in EOS Worldwide is preferred
  2. 2–4 years of experience in the commercial construction industry
  3. 2 years of experience in corporate recruiting
  4. Strong accountability
  5. Strong problem-solving skills
  6. Attention to details
  7. Excellent communication skills
  8. Cutting edge technical savvy skills

Fiorilli Construction, Inc. offers cutting edge competitive compensation, a collaborative work environment, and so much more.


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Full-Time Regular
Medina OH
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