Job Title
Talent Acquisition Manager

Charlotte NC

Min Salary

Min Years Experience

The Talent Manager is responsible for managing the Talent and selection process by ensuring that employees are recruited, selected, and on-boarded to meet the company's requirements for optimum effectiveness and succession planning.

  • Work with department leadership teams to prepare job descriptions that effectively describe work to be performed as well as hiring specifications for selecting candidates.
  • Facilitate, organize and manage employment requisitions for the Company to provide visibility and reporting for various stakeholders
  • Manage the Company's Talent processes and (Applicant Tracking System) ATS to ensure pools of talent are available(internal and external)for the organization. Monitor effectiveness of Talent program and continually seek new and creative methods to attract talent from various sources and improvere cruiting performance metrics
  • Determine sourcing strategy based on Company needs and identify candidates by preparing job board postings; researching, targeting potential candidates and build a diverse talent pipeline through a variety of tools and resources in particularfor critical skill positions
  • Build networks (Faith Groups, User Groups, churches, colleges and Community Organizations, etc.) and Social Networking (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Work closely with hiring managers to select top talent for the organization and validate qualifications
  • Provide timely and effective feedback to hiring managers and collaborate for efficiency
  • Provide guidance to managers on offers, create offer letters as necessary and ensure compensation offered is within guidelines of compensation program
  • Manages relocation benefits and communicates benefits of the program to participants and administrative items to various stakeholders
  • Establish strong relationships with secondary institutions to attract top talent and collaborate with like-minded companies for optimum talent placement and diverse pool of candidates
  • Administer the company's onboarding program to provide new hires a positive and welcoming experience while meeting compliance requirements
  • Provide orientation to new employees to improve effectiveness of new employees
  • Ensure all practices comply with statutory requirements.

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