The IOT System Architect plays a key role in designing an IOT (Internet of Things) solution for our company. The Architect has the opportunity to be the technical leader in developing a long term solution for connected products in the cooking industry. The primary duties of the architect are to design systems (hardware and application) that will support the business IOT solutions between products and cloud based computing. The architect will work with internal and external resources to implement a solution that is enabled for growth and will drive long term revenue and growth for products and data solutions.

1. Provide technical leadership and coaching of project team members in support of IOT system solution
2. Work with internal and external teams to implement a cloud solution to support IOT products
3. Operate as the Subject Matter Expert for the IOT solution including utilization of products and applications to fulfill the IOT roadmap
4. Conduct presentations to internal and external technical and non-technical staff showing how the solution is implemented and how it solves the objectives
5. Provide input on needed resources to support the IOT solution short and long term so that proper staffing can be planned
6. Provide clear and accurate system documentation to maintain the IOT product solution
7. Apply knowledge to analyze complex system issues and then take action.
8. Create product requirements and conducts technical feasibility studies.
9. Create system design requirements, detailed technical specifications, and risk management.
10. Estimate the costs, resources, and time to complete a project.
11. Consistently models the Company Values and Expected Behaviors.
12. Other duties as assigned.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering or 12+ years’ experience implementing IOT cloud based solutions
• 5+ years as an IOT architect implementing AWS or Azure solutions
• Proven track record of implementing solutions that deliver data from equipment to a cloud solution and perform data analysis on this collected information
• Experience implementing a DEVOPS solution for cloud computing solutions
• Programming experience with C/C++, Java, Python or other related tools
• 2+ years’ experience implementing noSQL data solutions (desired)

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Full-Time Regular
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