Supply Chain Manager

JOB OVERVIEW: The Supply Chain Manager is responsible to maintain a sufficient supply of materials for the company to operate. This position should monitor and analyze costs for product, transportation, customs, and warehouse storage and balance quality with cost to ensure that the best purchases are made. Oversee the Production team.


1.1 Create purchase orders for various manufacturing facilities
1.2 Upon receipt, verify product costs, lots, quantities and landed cost for warehouse, freight, customs)
1.3 Receive inventory into software system
1.4 Maintain sufficient levels of office supplies
1.5 Purchase office supplies and business cards
1.6 Reconcile landed cost account clearing accounts
1.7 Create monthly in-transit journal entry for Intersurgical Ltd vendors

1.1 Maintain sufficient inventory levels while using the reporting features on the intranet
1.2 Research back orders and any other stock related issues as needed
1.3 Assist customer service with Canadian container orders
1.4 Assist customer service with Mexico ordering questions/issues
1.5 Maintain random product reporting on inventory levels for management

1.1 Oversee, direct, train, evaluate and organize the work of the operations team
1.2 Shipping/receiving back up

1.3 Answer phones
1.4 Prepare monthly Pioneer boxing report ( begin Q2)
1.5 Prepare monthly excel report for sample freight
1.6 Regular, prompt attendance is required
1.7 Cross train within the department
Job Type
Full-Time Regular
East Syracuse NY