Do you know the Back Bay Way?

We are seeking a “SUPER” Superintendent. A Super who could replace the gates of Heaven – whilst not interrupting traffic and keep Saint Peter happy in the process. Yep, that’s the caliber of Super we are seeking.

We need a superstar Superintendent who can produce a heavenly quality of work that will sell at up to $2,000 dollars p.s.f. (yes, you read it right) answering to neighbors, abutters, and stakeholders who either think they are God’s gift to the Back Bay.

Almost every piece of the finished product will be imported from Europe and in some instances; you may oversee crews brought to the USA to install their own products. This is your (un) typical Back Bay, connect 2 side-by-side brownstones, red brick, gut rehab development with subgrade excavated turn-table parking, add an elevator in a walk-up, zero lot size, no set-down space, no dust a must, no noise before breakfast etc !!! etc !!! etc!!!

Rest assured, every night you’ll come home with a “honey, you won't believe what happened on the job today” story. You’ll work with Boston’s best architects, consultants, subs and officials. Your end buyers will be sports stars, celebrities, and movers and shakers so your communication skills will need to equal or exceed your construction ability. Get this Back Bay gem on your resume and you’ll be set for life.

Requirements: Must be a proven construction genius with Back Bay or South End experience

Salary: What geniuses are worth ---and then some.

I’m the only recruiter you’ll ever meet who is also a construction professional and could actually build this so let's talk. No resume, no problem. If you just want to have a confidential chat about this beauty, give me a call.

Colm Allen


C: 617.216.3666

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Contractor/Luxury Residential

City State
Boston MA

Salary Range
$130,000 - $150,000

Recruiter Name
Colm Allen
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