Substation T&C Professional -Texas/Midwest

Work involves entire duration of projects involving protection and control systems and equipment, with voltages ranging from 34.5 kV to 765kV.
Duties and responsibilities to include: one-line and control wiring diagrams, point-to-point checks, commissioning, calibration, operational/functional tests involving multi-functional SS relays.
Configure and modifying of settings, troubleshooting, full-functional testing, acceptance testing-commissioning of Line traps, CCVT's, BCT's, PT's and CT's.
Manufacturer relays include: GE Utility (L60, L90, D60, D30, Multlin 750, 469, etc.), Schweitzer Engineering Labs (SEL321, 421, 451, etc.)
Test equipment experience including Doble and Omicron, ProTest/Protection Suite/RTS Software.
Prior approval/certification from known national Utilities a Plus, but not required; Compensation commensurate with experience and certification(s).

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and own one's own cape and tights...

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