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Subject Matter Expert - Dryers

Louisville KY

Min Salary

Min Years Experience

The R&D Clothes Dryer design engineer/expert is responsible for the design, optimization, innovation and other related R&D activities of the drying product system or component. R&D engineer must maintain communication with the North American R&D team and the Chinese overseas R&D team. R&D Clothes Dryer engineer/expert must have strong mechanical system/subsystem-level design technical knowledge. Possess innovative thinking and innovative methods. Proficiency in using design software such as UG, Creo, Solidworks, or CAD.

Responsible for the North American Clothes Dryer Research and Development projects, including mechanical component and structural design, feature development, collaboration, and the establishment of plan of actions and milestone tracking;

Will complete design and development of new product appearance parts and functional parts as required;

Will work to develop technology for intellectual property development for Clothes Dryers;

Will work to make dryer test lab improvements and guide team on improved processes to ensure test lab reproducibility and repeatability;

Responsible for the structural design and improvement of related parts of the product;

Research the field of mechanical technology, responsible for organizing technical research on key core technologies focusing on structural design and mechanical transmission;

Participate in research on related innovation projects and innovation methods;

Work closely with the North American R&D team and the Chinese Overseas R&D team;

Actively participate in technical project reviews and innovation research projects;

Cross-functional cooperation with various internal and external engineering teams to jointly carry out project work;

Collaborate with project managers and Laundry R&D team on multi-generational technical plan roadmaps;

Be involved with detailed root cause analysis and develop both design and quality improvement projects-based field returns of Clothes Dryers;

Provide expert level of analysis on field returns and provide timely reports and updates to Overseas R&D team and North American Laundry Leadership;

Lead Projects working with universities on advanced development projects;

Implement projects and special tasks as needed.

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