Job Description

This position will provide accounting control over the cash receipts process and make
sure that cash and credit card receipts are properly recorded on a timely basis. We want
to make sure that amounts submitted to the armor car company either through the cash
machine and/or the armor car drivers appropriately matches what is reported by the
store on a daily basis. This will require daily follow-up with store managers and the
armor car company. We then want to assure that the amounts reported by the money
machine are then submitted to the bank in the form of a provisional credit. We want to
make sure that store always gets provisional credit in a timely basis. This requires
monitoring the daily deposit to verify that provisional credits have been made. Each
morning we will need to validate cash deposits.
• Daily store deposit verification, reporting and analysis
• Bank reconciliations-50 plus accounts
• ACH accounting and reconciliation
• To assure that all forms of tender (Cash, Credit Cards, Checks, Airline Vouchers,
Military Checks) are properly recorded on a timely basis
• To maintain the proper internal controls designed to prevent unauthorized access to
cash before and after it has been credited to our bank accounts

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Atlanta GA
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