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Contract Full-Time

Job Description


Position Summary:

Bull City Talent Group's direct client has an immediate need for a Senior SAP ABAP Developer. The ideal candidate will have 10+ years of ABAP development experience, be well versed in SAP S/4 HANA and Eclipse Workbench, and have excellent communication skills.

Must haves:

  • S/4 HANA experience with Eclipse Workbench, minimum of 2 years
  • Experience designing and supporting B2B integrations using RFC’s, SAP Webservices and REST API’s.
  • Fiori/CDS views experience
  • Adobe Forms experience
  • Good communication skills

Nice haves:

  • UI5 development experience
  • BRF+ experience
  • DB connectivity experience

Role Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Development and support of business documents using SAP Script, Smart forms, and adobe forms.
  • Development and support of RICEFW using S/4 HANA ABAP.
  • Development and support of SAP flexible workflow for PO, Invoice and G/L park and post.
  • Interface developments – Develop various interfaces for communication between SAP and SAP/NON SAP systems using IDOCs, RFCs, Web Services and Proxies.
  • Web Services/Proxies – implement SOAP based web services and proxies (consuming and exposing) for custom business requirements.
  • XML/JSON – work on both serializing and rendering data to multiple formats like XML and JSON using class based APIs and transformations.
  • Reporting - build wide range of reports from simple reports to high performance - on demand reports using SALV and CL_GUI_ALV classes and REUSE_ALV function modules.
  • Performance tuning - performance improvement initiatives. Provide different solutions for improving performance like parallel/asynchronous processing, data buffering using shared memory, creating views for IDOCs, tuning select statements, using techniques like tRFC/qRFC to separate non-essential processes from essential ones.
  • User Interface – Develop UIs using module programming ranging from simple single screen applications to complex screen sequences for custom business requirements
  • Data Dictionary - sound knowledge of SAP data dictionary and the importance of implementing proper check tables, foreign key relations, buffering data on ABAP AS, using shared memory, creating new or extending existing search helps, secondary indexing and its impacts, implementing different types of views
  • Development and support of ODATA services using BOPF and CDS annotations.
  • Report development using FIORI elements and design studio.

Required Qualifications:

  • 10+ years of experience in SAP ABAP development and support
  • Minimum 2 years of S/4 HANA ABAP
  • Experience designing and supporting of B2B integrations using RFC’s, SAP Webservices and REST API’s.
  • Fiori/CDS views experience
  • Experience using Adobe Forms
  • SAP flexible workflow experience
  • Strong understanding of the SAP N/W architecture and ABAP AS - how different ABAP programs works with AS work processes, SAP LUW, DB LUW, update strategies, enqueue and dequeue process and Unicode.
  • OO ABAP – Good understanding of OO principles and design patterns. Developed applications following widely accepted design patterns like singleton, MVC, factory, proxy etc
  • Ability to work with standard and custom IDOC development, able to troubleshoot and process errors.
  • Experience working with data transfers to FTP, SFTP, UNIX Shell scripting for SFTP data transfers and data encryptions.
  • Experience working on SAP upgrades, SPAU and SPDD activities.
  • HANA Native Development: creating HANA native artifacts like information models (column views), UDF, DB procedures and consuming native artifacts at AS ABAP layer.
  • Enhancements - Strong understanding of different enhancement techniques within SAP environment like enhancement framework, new/classic BADIs, user exits, customer exits, Business Transaction Events (BTE).
  • ABAP Development tools – Efficient in configuring and using tools like Static Code Inspector(SCI), Extended program checks(SLIN), ABAP Trace(SAT), SQL/Buffer trace(ST05), Single Transaction Analysis(ST12).
  • ABAP Debugger – Sound knowledge on the functionalities of the new debugger and the capabilities it provides to reduce debugging time, working with layer level debugging and creating scripts for debugger.
  • Data migrations – Worked on data migration projects and developed/enhanced migration objects using LSMW, BDCs and BAPIs and IDOCs.
  • Experience working with S/4 AHNA ABAP development for FIORI and ABAP RESTful programming models.
  • DB connectivity – Experienced in developing application which connect to secondary DBs via ADBC and native SQLs.
  • Experience working with Code-To-Data paradigm and optimizing applications for HANA DB.
  • SAP Event handling
  • BRF+ Support and enhancement of existing applications.
  • Experience in SAP Screen personas flavor development and support. Should be able to use split stream engine to convert GUI applications to FIORI.
  • SAP FIORI/UI5 native app development.

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