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Boston MA
Practice Area

Sr Robotics Software Engineer Technical Leader

Job Description
Technical Lead Project Manager Robotics Applications PLC+Web+Embedded

Brand New Technology...Well Positioned Industry-Business Model Designed to Save Time and Money.

Collaborative-Communicative Team Atmosphere.

Very Unique New Robot..."Our Product will save business time and money in an untapped Robotic-Driven market"

Company Culture of using the best available resources (people, technology, software, hardware) to deliver best of breed solutions.

Desired Skills/Experience:

  • Experience Leading/Managing Robotics Software Coding Projects while remaining hands on.
  • Experience creating new code ideally with a mixture of PLC and Python and Labview and Matlab [G] surrounding Robotic Applications design and coding
  • Experience writing code that acquires, stores, uses and accesses data from Hardware (data from hardware sensors).
  • PLC Programming Experience Surrounding Electro-Mechanical Applications ideally involving a mixture of servo motors and multi-axis motion control ​​​​​​and Error-handling/Error Recover and Acceleration, Deceleration, pulsing, frequency, speed, positioning-movement; Experience integrating PLC based application with Web Interfaces and/or Servers and/or the Cloud.
  • Senior Hands-On Robotic Software Applications creation surrounding machinery for fine articulation (machine derived hand-dexterity) type applications alongside Robot-Movement (Robots that Move)
  • Experience with Robotic or similar Artificial Vision Systems.
  • Strong Written and Oral Communication skills
  • Design-Build Engineering: Experience taking engineering designs through all phases ‘On-Paper Idea though Reality’


  • Experience designing-creating-coding IoT and/or Cloud and/or Smart-Device Applications including communication with other Smart Devices and/or applications with heavy data sharing.
  • PLC Programming experience with most of the following: Gates, Inputs, Ladder Logic Rungs, Blocks, Sequential Logic, Structured Text, FBD, Control Logic, I/O Terminals Logical Inputs, NC/NO Values (switching), creating re-usable/customizable libraries, Ethernet-Network connectivity to PLC code
  • Experience with Embedded coding and/or Web Based Applications and/or UI Development and/or Data reporting from data coming off of IoT/Smart Devices.

Unbelievably Competitive Salary and Bonus, Very Good Benefits.