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Full-Time Regular

Job Description

Speech Pathologist

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Degree: Master's degree in speech pathology or communication disorders. Education: Graduate from a college or university that includes at least 18 semester hours in the field of speech pathology by a regional accreditation organization and a speech pathology academic program accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech-Language Pathology (CAA) of the American Speech-LanguageHearing Association (ASHA).
  • Certification: Maintain current certification of Clinical Competency in speech-language pathology (CCC-SLP) from ASHA.
  • Experience: As required to meet clinical competency requirements as specified in the service-specific credentialing instruction.
  • Licensure: Current, full, active, and unrestricted license to practice as a speech pathologist as required in the TO.

Core Duties:

  • Develop coherent treatment strategies.
  • Incorporate new clinical procedures sufficient to perform clinical services independently.
  • Conduct patient assessments; provide treatment interventions and consultation to other health care professionals.
  • Use instrumentation (e.g., videofluoroscopy, nasendoscopy, stroboscopy, computer technology) to observe, collect data, and measure parameters of communication and swallowing, or other upper aero-digestive functions in accordance with the principles of evidence-based practice.
  • Provide prevention, screening, consultation, assessment and diagnostic, treatment, intervention, management, counseling, and follow-up services for disorders of speech and language, including comprehension and expression in oral, written, graphic, and manual modalities.

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