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Speech Language Pathologist - Charlotte, NC

The speech-language pathologist conducts and coordinates all aspects of diagnostic assessment/evaluations, treatment and management for speech, language, voice, fluency, cognitive and swallowing disorders.


The speech-language pathologist must demonstrate professional knowledge and skills in applying a wide range of theories, principles, and methodologies for differential diagnosis and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders in adult populations. The incumbent is a licensed practitioner and is considered to be at the full performance level. Staff at this level are responsible for the contributing to the clinical supervision of speech pathologists at lower developmental grades, as well as the supervision of assigned trainees that rotate through the section. The duties of the speech-language pathologist include, but not limited to the following:

  • Conducting interviews with the patients and family members/caregiver.
  • Selection and administration of screening tools to detect of speech, language, voice, fluency, cognitive, and/or swallowing disorders.
  • Selection, administration and interpretation of a full range of standardized test for the assessment of communication disorders (cognitive, language, speech, voice, fluency and swallowing). Assessment may include observation and consultation with other members of the inter-disciplinary health care team.
  • Completion of fluoroscopic examinations of swallow function for patients with suspected or known swallowing disorders in collaboration with the radiology service radiologists and radiology technicians.
  • Selection and training of low and high tech cognitive and augmentative/alternative communication aids.
  • Accurate and complete reporting and documentation of the findings to other professionals within the speech-language pathology section, PACT Team(s), and Community Living Facility Interdisciplinary Team(s).
  • Developing a comprehensive plan of care for patients with communication and swallowing disorders enrolled into treatment/management. The treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the patient, family/caregiver and health care practitioners and adjusted based upon functional change.
  • Serving as a consultant to other facility personnel involving the most difficult and complex cases and is a recognized subject matter expert on matters related to speech, language voice, fluency, cognitive, and swallowing disorders.

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Charlotte NC
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