Our client is one of the 100 largest Solar Installers in the USA, serving residential, commercial, industrial, and community solar sectors. They are experiencing unparalleled growth due to the boom that is happening in the Solar industry. They are seeking driven outside sales professionals to join their team. This is the perfect time to join one of the strongest companies in a sector that is booming at a historic rate.

Top performers at this organization earn upwards of 300k/year. Reasonable y1 earning expectation is between 90-150k. Compensation is commission and SPIFF based, but you will be subsidized by activity bonuses until your deal flow starts rocking.
-Fulfilling work -- through your sales, you are battling one of the great problems of our era.
-Work in virtually untouched territories in a new frontier -- alternative energy is recognized as a modern day gold rush.
-Best-in-class leads generation and marketing support.
-Strong performers enjoy commensurate independence.
-Sell the best product at the most affordable price, with the best financing options for your potential customers.

Available territories include:
-Nassau County, NY
-Northern/Coastal New Jersey
-Queens, NY
-Westchester County, NY

Job Type
Full-Time Regular
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