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Contract Full-Time


Designs, develops and enhances reports applications for biometrics related products

  • Collaborate with other teams to understand the requirements to ensure reports meet the expectations
  • Develop thorough understanding of data models, underlying data, and business uses to ensure reports meet client needs.
  • Be up to date with latest tools/software to identify, evaluate and incorporate suitable reporting software/tools into future products.
  • Understand the requirements, develop mock reports and discuss with BAs /QA members to finalize the reports requirements.
  • Develop reports using Jasper Reports (Jasper Soft) Tool with MS Sql Server and/or Oracle Databases.
  • Develop/Modify T-SQL stored procedures to pull data from heterogeneous databases into MS SQL Server.
  • Analyze and Troubleshoot performance issues in the Reporting Application and underlying SQLs.
  • Gather, document and convert functional reporting requirements into technical solutions.
  • Work closely with SE team/Zone teams to monitor reporting application performance in Production Installations and troubleshoots issues.
  • Create test cases, test data and work with QA team to ensure accurate and complete testing and Create technical documentation of report logic and processes.
  • Develop and maintain components, frameworks, libraries to promote code reuse, software scalability, and performances.
  • Develop and maintain software applications features, servers, database applications, configuration and maintenance applications.
  • Provide input to team members to help resolve issues and answer questions related to application program intent, data input, output, and requirements.
  • Execute performance optimization and testing.
  • Assist with software release and build management
  • Assist testing and QA teams in setting up test environments and resolve build issues.

Mandatory Skills:

  • Jasper Studio (5.6x)
  • iReports Designer
  • Oracle and/or MS-SQL Server
  • PL/SQL
  • Toad

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