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Social Media Marketing
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The mission of the Detroit Job Ambassadors is to enhance the Michigan Job Fair Giant brand, expand external online communications, and build an engaged job seeker community.  The Detroit Job Ambassadors actively represent on social networking sites such Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


We're inviting social media professionals, technology enthusiasts & networked individuals to "use their social media powers for good" and join as Detroit Job Ambassadors!


You can help spread the word about jobs and job fair events in our community by incorporating our message in your social media activities. Simply select a campaign that you'd like to help promote and “talk” about it!

Become a Detroit Job Ambassador is always accepting applications to become a Social Media Ambassador! 



Ability to commit time to the program (minimum 10 hours weekly)

Currently active on social media platforms

Must have access to internet connection mobile, business or home internet

Must have access and proficiency in social media communications, email and photo sharing

Provide ongoing honest feedback and guidance to improve social media initiatives  



Attend the Detroit Job Ambassador meetings and communicate regularly via email

Create awareness as a Detroit Job Ambassador, and promote events and jobs by sharing/posting updates linking back to the website

Actively send tweets, post blogs, publish comments, share links and/or share photos to communicate job fairs and jobs with

Re-post event information, ReTweet, comment on the wall, and encourage friends, followers, and fans to submit their resume for events and employer positions posted on websites associated with

Provide feedback to maximize’s social media efforts to build a vibrant and engaged community of local and national employment candidates

Actively recruit new fans, followers, and friends to turn into potential candidates

Use hashtag #mijobfairs following all social media communications


Pay Rate: Detroit Job Ambassadors can average $ 50.00 to $ 250.00 weekly.