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Social Media Executive
Date Posted
Job Description

Hiring Social Media Executive

A key function of this position is to expand the company brand awareness in Metro Detroit area using social media networking. We are seeking someone with experience creating social media marketing campaigns. Most have experience using twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram, email marketing and other social media platforms. Pay structure is pay-per-action based on conversions.

Must be able to do the following:

  • Create and execute a social media content strategy and editorial calendar

  • Execute social media, experiential and digital marketing campaigns, programs and promotions
  • Daily management of social media platforms by writing and editing compelling social media content with the purpose of promoting engagement
  • Collaborate with division managers to ensure that the strategic direction and message is executed consistently and properly through platforms
  • Support SEO strategies by understanding keyword priorities and how they integrate into content marketing plans
  • Establish relationships with online communities by identifying key influencers and communities that fit the company’s online strategy
  • Drive website traffic via social media and build engagement
  • Monitor and participate in online conversations via posts to build brand visibility and thought leadership
  • Maintain current news/press releases/blogs sections on brand websites
  • Report on performance metrics for all active marketing activities

What do you need to become a Social Media Executive?

A will to earn money - that's it. A smartphone, tablet or computer and you ready to start wok.

Send resume to include cover letter detailing experience.