Job Description

Benelux Tek is looking for a developer who is capable of working on the shopify platform to develop e-commerce stores. This will require the developer to work on new and update the existing layout, also enhancing the performance of the site and also be flexible in customizing the solutions whenever needed.

Role and responsibilities:

  • Managing and executing the end- to- end development of the e-commerce store.
  • Developing, designing and maintaining high performance system based on the requirements SRS and Wireframes.
  • Working with other developers to coordinate the development of customizing the applications and integrating it into shopify.
  • Ensuring and examining the system and application availability in order to allow users for making purchase with as little friction as possible.
  • Collaborating and participating with team members for any discussions and planning sessions.

Job Requirements :

  • 3+ experience as a Shopify developer.
  • Strong command over web skills like HTML and CSS.
  • Hand on experience using JavaScript.
  • Good knowledge over frameworks of JavaScript for example Vue, React and Angular.
  • Strong multi- platform and cross- browser development and debugging.
  • Experience on working with Shopify properties like AJAX, Meta fields and API.
  • Having to be able to deliver a successful e- commerce projects.
  • Experience with command line and scripting such as Linux/Unix will be an asset.


Employee Type
Full-Time Regular
Mississauga ON
Date Posted