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The Shift Production Manager’s core responsibilities are for managing production operations at the facility for their assigned shift and departments to ensure that established goals and objectives with regards to quality, costs, safety, efficiency and customer requirements are achieved. Will work on developing continuous improvements to reduce operating costs. Continuously monitor progress and results, providing direct reports with corrective actions or re-direction as necessary. Execute the methods developed by the department manager to ensure measures of success and areas of opportunity to control production efficiency, manufacturing variances, material waste, labor expense and other indicators of profitability within their shift. Ensure operational compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements in the area of Safety, food safety, employment, quality, work rules, GMP’s, HACCP, and others as established by communicating requirements to their supervisors, employees, validating understanding and correcting behavior as required on their assigned shift.

Through your direction to your supervisors you’ll oversee the following: (1) efficient line operation, (2) execution of the production schedule plan, (3) ensure proper movement of raw and finished materials, (4) assist supervisors with proper direction and instruction, (5) communicate the information flow and reporting, (6) improvement of quality and operations, (7) assist supervisors with training program as needed, (8) interviewing and placement of new hire employees, (9) support supervisors with reinforcement and discipline, (10) other related duties and assistance as assigned by management. They will be responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of their team members. They are to follow instructions from the department manager in making up the food products set to meet customer’s specifications. This position is a key member of the plant leadership team and will work closely with other management personnel within the organization to ensure an efficient, effective manufacturing operation. This position will support the supervisor’s in running the department efficiently to meet safety, quality and production goals. If at any time there is a food safety concern, they will communicate this immediately to their supervisor, quality supervisor or department manager.

• This is a food safety role.


1. Oversees that supervisor has production lines set up properly according to company specifications. Diagnoses any impediments that affect throughput. Instructs, guides and coaches’ supervisors on corrective actions to be put in place, monitor results to ensure reliability of corrective actions are effective.
2. Assures that their shift departments are conforming to company GMP’s, SSOP’s, USDA regulations and company policies.
3. Direct, coach and train the line supervisors, and indirectly provide guidance for all production leads and team members.
4. Review and verify that the correct use of raw materials and/or packaging materials are being used according to production schedule, production specification and/or instructions by designated employee.
5. Ensures supervisors are enforcing the company policies. Communicates positive reinforcement to team members of good behavior and holds supervisor accountable to administer disciplinary action as required to team members for excessive poor behaviors.
6. Assures supervisors are training new employees, documenting properly and communicating to HR the results of new employee’s performances.
7. Reinforces supervisors that all team members are using required PPE, following company safety rules and OSHA regulations.
8. Advises upper management about unique problems, concerns that are needed to correct.
9. Will step in to take over for the line supervisor in their absence as needed.
10. Reviews all paperwork, including data entry to ensure reliability and accuracy of reports before turning in to respective resource groups as required by the company.
11. Ensures that training of other employees on equipment processes and procedures are properly done and documented.
12. In the event of a food safety situation occurred the shift manager has to notify their department manager, quality control manager or plant manager immediately.
13. Takes an active role in continuous improvement opportunities. Actively participates in the identifications of problems, concerns that cause bottlenecks to the operations. Helps to develop corrective actions, tools and resources that will help improve overall results. Area’s such as production efficiency, equipment utilization, quality, employee safety and food safety and improving customer satisfaction.
14. Regular/Predictable Attendance: To maintain a safe and productive work environment, Rose Street Koch Foods expects employees to be reliable and to be punctual in reporting for scheduled work. Absenteeism and tardiness places a burden on other employees and also affects the company’s ability to control the quality and the production of a safe and wholesale product. Abuse of the attendance policy will result in disciplinary action.
15. Follow all employee safety, food safety production KPI’s, quality and company policies and procedures.
16. As assigned any other duties, other task deemed necessary by management to insure a safe and wholesome product as well as a safe and orderly environment.


• Ability to understand and follow written and/or verbal instructions.
• High School education or higher or several years of food manufacturing experience.
• Demonstrate ability to achieve manufacturing objectives in the areas of KPI’s, Safety, Quality, Teamwork, Food Safety and Continuous Improvement.
• Ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally with employees at all levels of the organization.
• Ability to manage multiple priorities at one time using effective organizations skills and judgment in an environment of frequently changing circumstances.
• Ability to physically stand for most of the working hours with frequent exposure to cold temperatures in refrigerated and/or freezers areas.
• Working knowledge of GMP’s HACCP, lean manufacturing and other food safety, quality and manufacturing principles.
• Ability to physically lift up to 50 pounds depending on machine.
• Ability to lead a team of resourceful and skilled members, lead, motivate and develop others.
• Must be able to work independently without constant supervision.
• Must be able to problem solve in a fast-paced environment.
• Must have a strong commitment to safe manufacturing practices.
• Ability to work overtime, extended hours including weekends as required.
• Ability to use the Microsoft Office suite of applications to create and modify documents, Excel to record data and calculate results, create spreadsheets and use Outlook to communicate internally and externally.
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