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JOB DESCRIPTION – Service Technician


The basic function of the Service Technician is to commission new equipment, perform preventative maintenance on existing systems, FATs on new equipment prior to shipping, prepare and submit all documentation related to the specific work done, and assist with any other tasks involving the company’s Service Department.

Education and License Requirements:

  • Education: High School diploma (minimum).
  • Experience: 5 or more years of process heating equipment field service work.
  • Licenses: A valid driver’s license is required for this position

Duties and Skills:

  • Strong electrical and mechanical “hands-on” skills. Troubleshooting and deductive reasoning are imperative.
  • Must possess strong troubleshooting skills, electrical skills, mechanical skills, computer skills, and the ability to develop reports.
  • Use of field equipment (testers, analyzers, tools, etc.).
  • The ability to understand each customer’s process, and how the company’s equipment works with that process.
  • A general understanding of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer are required.
  • Must have a strong understanding of field monitoring and measuring devices.
  • Must have the ability to make correct decisions on equipment modifications based on his or her field service knowledge & calculations.
  • Go on field service trips and startups as required.
  • Perform FATs on equipment.
  • Provide all required documentation for site visits and FATs.
  • Assist with the sale of spare parts both in the field and in the office.
  • Provide input and assistance to coworkers and customers as needed.
  • Assist with training new Service personnel.
  • Create training material for customers and/or Service personnel.
  • Must be able to clearly communicate all ideas and concepts in understandable English.

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be capable of standing, sitting, and walking to conduct business.
  • Must be able to climb ladders and stairs, and use hand tools, and wire equipment.
  • Must be able to move safely within a construction environment.
  • Must be capable of moving throughout the office as well as traveling to the fabrication shop, or an outside customer job site or office.

Work Site:

  • Will maintain an office in a climate-controlled building.
  • Office time will vary based on service schedule.


  • Service Technician must be prepared for out-of-office travel. At times, out-of-office travel can exceed 80% per month depending on the company workload.
  • Must have no encumbrances to obtaining a passport or the ability to travel abroad.
  • Must also have sufficient means to support oneself for the duration of the travel.

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