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Help us design the future of car production. We would like you to look at a task, within an automotive assembly environment, such as installing sun-roofs; loading and securing wheels; or designing strut and muffler assist dolley's and come up with clean and efficient workstation designs. i.e. design assembly lines in auto factories. Often, STAK needs to design and produce their own parts and sub-systems and that is what this role is all about. Each day will bring a new challenge and satisfaction. We need your CAD skills to help design assembly lines and their individual components at many of North America's largest auto manufacturers. The solutions that you design will help cars get built faster with better quality and lower costs. Many of your best designs will become unique "one off" solutions that integrate assembly lines. This is the type of company where you will gain more hands on experience in one year than five years at an agency or large manufacturer. Career progression is built into this role. The office is fun and the atmosphere is friendly. You will work very closely with the head of Engineering. The role is available due to expanded client opportunities. STAK is busy and growing. Come join our team!!!

  • This is a problem solving role. We need you to help design and make automation equipment (robots) that make it easier to build cars.
  • Design specialized parts and components to help build the assembly lines used to produce most of the cars in North America e.g. specialized lifters to help put moon roofs on a Lexus
  • You will work with a team of engineers with basic design concepts and needs requirements to draft and create 3D or 2D drawings
  • Create CAD drawings from concept to final design, drawn to scale, suitably detailed to convey the necessary information required for approval
  • Check and correct any mistakes within the original drawings
  • Create new and innovative methods to improve the quality of company’s drawings and the drawing process
  • For this particular role you must be a Licensed Professional Engineer with a current registration in Ontario, fully authorized to "stamp drawings"
  • Broad interest in design trends
  • Broad interest in assembly line, manufacturing or automotive design
  • SolidWorks or similar 3D CAD software expertise - required
  • For the most part this is a Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm role however, flexible hours are sometimes necessary.
  • Occasionally, tight deadlines may require late hours.

We are happy to pay well for specific expertise. That being said, this role is not all about the money, it is about the freedom to work in a great environment doing what you enjoy. If you are happy and the clients are happy (then we are happy) and money will take care of itself.

STAK has grown from a tool reseller of choice to assembly engineering experts. Stak Industries enjoys a wealth of experience in numerous facets of all tiers of the motor vehicle industry. Leveraging this diverse knowledge base, Stak industries develops best practices for threaded fastening and material handling solutions, including application engineering, equipment commissioning, product launch, project management and life cycle management. Stak Industries built its reputation on being a trust worthy supplier willing to do what it takes to ensure its customers are satisfied.

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4103 - STAK

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65,000.00 CAD

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75,000.00 CAD

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Full-Time Regular

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