Job Description

Senior Accountant - CPA (Up to $100,000 Salary)

Job Description:

As a Senior Accountant with us, your role will involve managing important financial tasks. Here's what you'll do:

  1. Keep an eye on bank accounts and handle money for our company and affiliated ones.
  2. Prepare monthly reports for things like Royalty Fees, Advertising Fees, Rent, Mortgages, and Property Taxes.
  3. Help out the Area Manager with accounting and bookkeeping.
  4. Create monthly financial statements for our records.
  5. Team up with our HR department to make sure payroll is accurate and on time.
  6. Check and analyze monthly financial statements from the owners, helping us keep track of how our business is doing.
  7. Keep tabs on our National Advertising spending and report to our CEO and Director of Operations every month.
  8. Make sure credit card and other accounts are balanced every month.
  9. Get tax information ready for our yearly company audit and the tax returns our CPA prepares.
  10. You'll be the main person for all things accounting and finance at our corporate office.


  • You should have a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting or Finance.
  • Experience with an ERP system is important.
  • Having a CPA license is a big plus.
  • If you've worked in public accounting before, that's even better.
  • We offer a competitive base salary, up to $100,000, and great benefits.

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Duluth GA
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