Scrap Yard Manager

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The incumbent should have a working knowledge of railroad engines and car movements in and outside the plant. In addition, incumbent must know the different types of steel scrap that is charged into the furnace and the quality requirements in order to make quality finished products. The Rail/Scrap Yard Supervisor will be responsible to ensure the proper recording of weight of incoming scrap and outgoing finished product by rail, truck, and barge to ensure proper acknowledgement of receivables as well as shipments for proper payment. Qualifications for this position 2 - 3 years related work experience, or 5 - 7 years of related work experience in equal or lesser jobs is acceptable.

The Rail/Scrap Supervisor is responsible for coordinating with the Shipping department to ensure that customers receive steel in accordance with their desired delivery dates. In addition, the incumbent places scrap in the scrap yard to accommodate the Melt Shop furnace operation schedule. The incumbent orders incoming scrap via rail and coordinates the staging of empty cars to be loaded with finished product, or sets them out to be picked up by the railroad. The incumbent’s objective is to minimize the amount of rail car movement within the plant, and stage the delivery of steel to the customers on time and minimize demurrage charges. This position is required to negotiate with the railroad on demurrage for rail cars. The incumbent should have a working knowledge of rail transportation services and the tracking of their cars.

The Rail/Scrap Yard Supervisor will work with a variety of outside sources and must be able to interact with the Supervisor Warehouse & Shipping, the Corporate office, and railroad engine leasing companies. Good communication skills are a necessity to interface with contacts outside the company and other Optimus Steel personnel. The Rail/Scrap Yard Supervisor will make recommendations for policy changes and will inform the Melt Shop Superintendent of any issues that may arise.

The Rail/Scrap Yard Supervisor is responsible for the selection and recruiting of scrap yard personnel as well as the periodic review and evaluation of these employees. This position is also responsible for conducting any disciplinary action that must be taken with subordinates.

The Rail/Scrap Yard Supervisor is responsible for the timely repair of railroad tracks and rail cars that belong to Optimus Steel and the scheduling of locomotive inspections with the Locomotive repair co.. The incumbent will investigate all incidences where either the engine or railroad cars have derailed, and will seek to resolve problems as they arise.

The Rail/Scrap Yard Supervisor is responsible for the safety of his subordinate personnel. Formal safety audits will be conducted and the results will be reported to the Logistic Manager as needed, fill in for rail or scrap yard personnel.

Provide full support for the implementation and management of the safety. Participate in all accident and incident investigations in area of responsibility. Conduct routine safety activities including inspection tours, employee contacts and visibility tours. Ensure that safety rules and requirements are being followed in all work areas. Ensure that work rules are posted in all work areas. Maintain compliance with visual management standards.


1. Supervise scrap and railroad personnel for the proper placement of scrap cars and trucks within the plant safely.

2. Responsible for ordering out of the plant empty or loaded rail cars.

3. Resolving demurrage issues with railroad carrier/barge lines, and ensure the proper weighing of rail cars for plant receivables as well as finished good shipments.

4. Responsible for initiating, writing, training and auditing personnel on procedures for the railroad and scrap area.

5. Responsible for the timely repair or inspection of railroad tracks, rail cars and locomotive engines, yard mobile equipment, locomotive crane, material handlers.

6. Responsible for the scheduling of personnel, work hours reported by the people, and documentation of any oral or written disciplinary action required.

7. Coordinates with corporate offices, Melt Shop manager, General Supervisor Warehouse/Shipping,, and the railroad to coordinate the timely loading/unloading and release of rail cars.

8. Responsible for working with the scrap inspector for the proper inspection of incoming scrap either by rail or truck. The final decision of either accepting or rejecting incoming scrap will be made.

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