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SummaryDescription of Position

This position is responsible for thedevelopment, implementation and maintenance of safety, health, and riskmanagement policies, procedures and programs.As a key business partner, works closely with and provides advice andguidance to the senior management team, area, facility and departmentmanagement in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.This position plays a key role in assuringcompliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations, andVulcan Materials Safety & Health policies.This position directs the resources and activities of the organizationto support health, safety and risk management programs.A key focus of this position is to maintainappropriate levels of awareness, knowledge and preparedness across the regionto support a culture that prioritizes effective safety practices and balancesoverall associated costs.This positionhas very significant influence on the companys overall performance in theareas of Safety and Health by providing leadership, professional knowledge andexpertise in the administration and support of safety and health processesthroughout the region.

Knowledge, Skills,and Abilities:

·Mustpossess knowledge of regulations relating to occupational health and safetyincluding but not limited to MSHA, OSHA, D.O.T. and workers' compensation laws.

·Workingknowledge of contracting, rock and sand, asphalt, ready mix batch plant, fleetand landfill operations.

·Excellentinterpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written, to work withmanagement and train staff on health and safety measures

·Leadership skills that result in a positiveinfluence toward safe work behaviors.

·Excellent organizational skills.

·Skilledin performing accident and incident investigations and follow up.

·Demonstrateability to interface effectively with alllevels of Company personnel and with outside government and private sectorprofessionals.

·Provideleadership in establishing a safe work place by developing, organizing, andproviding effective training programs that support the goals of theorganization.

·The ability to balance multiple tasks in ahigh stress environment is essential

·Theincumbent must be detailed oriented and highly focused on achievingresults.

·Alsorequired are problem solving and analytical skills; and the ability to workindependently with minimal supervision.

·Also must be a mentor, trainer and coach.

Essential Functions

1.Providesleadership in the Region's Safety and Health culture by working closely withthe management group and through management of safety and healthrepresentatives. Advisesmanagement at all levels of the organization (including senior staff) ofprevention methods to assist in reduction of injuries, risk and cost.

2.Analyzesand determines trends in accidents, and design and implement correctivemeasures when necessary.

3.Consolidates and maintains all safety, health, and claims reports andanalytical data to provide appropriate documentation, reporting appropriatedissemination.

4.Develops anddirectsimplementation of strategies to effectively resolve health and safety issues,control risk and liability, andpromote effective workplace policies, practices and behaviors.

5.Reviewsinternal safety policies and practices to ensure they are current andappropriate, making recommendations to management to amend or change safetypolicies and procedures as necessary

6.Works jointlyand collaboratively with operations management to improve efficiencies, controlSafety and Health related costs and influence employee behaviors and attitudestoward safety and health.

7.Develops andmaintains aneffective and proactive safety program with innovative ideas and elements thatenhance the safety program ability to motivate the work force and managementpersonnel to work safely in accordance with policies and regulatoryrequirements.

8.Developsprograms, procedures and training initiatives to provide for the protection ofindividuals, property, and the companys business interests.

9.Participates in safety training and meetings in supportother safety and health managers, safety representatives andoperations/sales/staff personnel.

10. Serves as a liaison with regulatoryagency representatives, including MSHA, OSHA,D.O.T. as needed to coordinate and resolve safety regulation issues.

1 11.RepresentsCompany in dealing with all Federal, State, and local government agenciesresponsible for enforcing safety and health laws and regulations.

12. Maintains an effective open line of communication withstate and federal agencies, independent adjusters, lawyers, doctors, hospitals,Vulcan managers, supervisors, and employee claimants to provide forcomprehensive management of regulatory issues and claims in compliance withstate and federal laws and company policy.

13.Directs the design and implementation ofemployee training programs to insure a high quality and safe workforce.

14.Develops, in cooperation with thecorporate Risk Management Department, programs and procedures to provideadequate liability protection relative to industrial health and safety programsincluding industrial hygiene.

15.Provides for an investigation processfor all accident, incidents and injuries. Obtain all factual data to identify root causes and develop andimplement corrective action plans for prevention of similar situations.

16.Directs and conducts facility audits toevaluate the effectiveness of management systems for identifying and managingrisks as well as accident prevention activities and industrial hygiene control.

17.Evaluates accident potential in new and existingoperations and implement preventive accident measures. Also conduct relevant assessments inacquisitions and divestitures.

18.Manages the Regions industrial hygieneprogram in conjunction with the Companys program.

19.Provides leadership and manages the activities of the regions Safety andHealth Area Representativesand support staff in the performance of their responsibilities. Attract, maintain and motivate high leveltalent dedicated to the strategic objectives of the region.

20.Keeps abreast of professional and technical development to maintain and improve knowledge and skills and improve the safety and health performance of our operations. Keeps abreast of legislative activity and communicates applicable information to all levels of management. Develops, implements, monitors adherence to, and measures effectiveness of programs and procedures to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

21.Other duties as assigned.

Other Requirements

The incumbentwill be required to work in a wide variety of environments and physicalconditions ranging from a typical office workplace to the physically demandingactivities of being in and around an operating aggregates, asphalt, ready- mix concrete productionfacilities. Physical requirements willinclude the ability to sit for extended periods, walk, climb stairs, catwalksand ladders, exposure to noise, heights and underground conditions intemperature extremes; work in and around construction environments includingmaintenance shops and welding work stations; must be able to drive for extendedperiods to visit locations across the region. Both one day and overnight travel throughout the region is requiredincluding automobile and plane. Approximate percentage of travel time is 30%.


Education,Experience, Skills Required

  • Bachelors degree or equivalent in Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, Engineering, or an equivalent combination of training and work experience.
  • Certified Safety Professional (C.S.P.) and/or a Certified Industrial Hygienist (C.I.H.) is preferred.
  • Five (5) years of progressive professional experience in Safety and Health and in mining or a related industry.
  • Minimum of three (3) to five (5) years of supervisory and management experience.
  • Experience in performing accident investigations and reporting/follow-up and industrial hygiene exposure monitoring.
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