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Accountable for insuring the safe delivery of continuously improving equipment reliability. Incumbent with the operating and maintenance personnel to determine and implement improved engineered designs and procedures based on studying the operation and failures to lower costs and improve equipment reliability and energy efficiency. This position works with and supports the ERP-Equipment Reliability Process (Maintenance Management System). Activities require engineering based experience in mechanical and/or electrical equipment used in steel mill processes and facilities and demonstrated expertise in asset reliability technology and systems.


This position is responsible for the Central Maintenance function, supporting the infrastructure of the mill. The Central Maintenance department consists of 2 salaried supervisors 2 engineers and an hourly crew of 15 employees.

This position is also responsible for the Reliability Department. Reporting to this position are the area planners, reliability engineers, and vibration technicians. Additionally, this position is responsible for providing leadership, technical assistance and engineering expertise to the mill. The Maintenance & Reliability Manager reports directly to the Vice President of Operations, Operations Manager, along with Department Managers for all other operations and support areas.

This position will assist with the development of maximizing the reliability of the equipment using a formal, systematic/analytical approach to troubling shooting, failure analysis, predictive/preventive maintenance, and design improvements. Lead special projects and participate in engineering activities that will improve the reliability of the equipment, optimize maintenance costs, and reduce equipment downtime.

Qualifications for this position include a working knowledge of heavy manufacturing, with at least 10 years hands-on-experience in lesser positions, and have an engineering degree from an accredited college or university. The successful applicant will possess a strong motivation to lead, solve complex problems, project management skills, in order to improve reliability of mill operations.

This position will be responsible for maintaining all maintenance manuals, standard operating procedures in maintenance, and equipment reliability databases such as Prism and other maintenance related software systems.

Due to close contact with operating management and personnel, outside contractors and vendors, this position requires the ability to effectively communicate with a variety of personalities and interests. The incumbent must manage the interests of all parties in creating and modifying work procedures and equipment.

The incumbent will organize and develop and conduct training programs for the maintenance personnel regarding new testing equipment, new operating equipment, new software, methodologies and procedures.

Due to the nature of manufacturing operations the incumbent may be required to be on-call, and must have high availability depending on the requirement of the operation or project being managed.

Responsible for staying abreast of current technology and recommending changes to effect continual improvement of production processes. The incumbent should also possess a broad knowledge of engineering concepts, and techniques.

Will be required to manage other special projects as assigned.

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