Reliability Engineer

This role is perfect for the maintenance professional who is looking to grow their career with an industrial leader. This is considered a position of high visibility and will have the autonomy to creatively develop a reliability system for the plant. Additionally, it’s a significant opportunity for growth and exposure to senior management while offering key experiences that could lead to future advancement in the organization.

This position develops, implements, and audits equipment inspections in order to (1) determine equipment condition, (2) identify abnormal conditions which could lead to failure, (3) project wear rates, (4) identify and stop repetitive failures, and (5) provides information for planning and prioritizing work. Works on improving equipment reliability and process performance by applying reliability engineering principles, field and statistical data, and supporting work process. Provides direction and leadership for timely outage planning which is aimed at improving equipment reliability and maintaining the optimum working condition of all equipment. Provides facilitation of root-cause failure analysis. Works with the warehouse to determine critical spare needs and reviews/modifies BOM’s for accuracy. Some key responsibilities include the following
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of MTBF (mean time between failures) and equipment OEE (% reliability and % rate performance) by means of (a) pareto analysis (b) root-cause failure analyses of significant or chronic equipment failures and (c) development and use of reliability action plans based upon RCFAs and downtime analysis techniques.
  • Ensuring the inspection program (knowledge of equipment condition) is being executed using proper techniques.
  • Reviewing and assisting in the engineering and installation of capital projects, as well as assisting in the development of the short and long term capital replacement plan.
  • Developing as needed and refining the PM/PDM maintenance program. Coordinating all efforts with equipment custodians and maintenance management to ensure the program is properly approved and endorsed by all departments.
  • Managing, controlling, and analyzing all data, records, and equipment histories to continually review and refine inspection frequencies.
  • Developing solutions to repetitive equipment failures and process losses, implementing ways of reducing the need for maintenance, and ultimately eliminating the occurrences of failures.
  • Ensuring personnel are properly trained in skills needed to perform inspections (preventative, predictive, and precision maintenance).
  • Continue to develop vibration measurements and analysis capability and ensure a comprehensive program is in place, in conjunction with the reliability technician.
  • Apply advanced predictive maintenance tools such as thermography and ultra-sonic technologies to inspections.
  • Establishing as needed and managing lubrication program and oil analysis, ensuring all equipment is properly lubricated and oil analysis is performed on all critical equipment. This is done in conjunction with the reliability technician.
  • Participating in approval of all new installation and major repairs, including those done by contractors, to ensure their maintainability and reliability.
  • Supporting plant environmental programs and requirements with engineering solutions and day-to-day maintenance activities.
  • Be prepared to supervise day to day activities, and manage outage projects as needed.
  • Participate in the maintenance call-out rotation.
  • Off shift work may be required under certain circumstances.
  • Should be prepared to fill in for maintenance manager when needed
  • Active participation in the plant’s Continuous Improvement Program
  • Complete all assigned work in compliance with federal state, and local regulatory requirements.
  • Follow plant and MSHA Safety Policies, including the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Technical skills in plant operations and maintenance, cement industry preferred.
  • Leadership/Supervisory skills
  • Organizational and administrative skills
  • Experience with Microsoft Project and SAP
  • RCFA, action plans development and general management skills
  • Experience in plant operations and maintenance preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in technical field (engineering, science, or equivalent) required
  • Minimum 10 years maintenance experience, in absence of degree (experience can include being a skilled craftsmen who had developed inspection skills)

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