Reliability Engineer - Senior

Senior Reliability Engineer

Company is a world-class company that produces, distributes, and markets cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates, and innovative products related to the construction industries in North America.


The primary objective is to provide technical leadership to, supervise the Technology and mechanical process team at all stages of the cement manufacturing plants in the US Division, mainly through the CTO Maintenance and Reliability engineers. Maintain and improve kiln run time and efficiency for the kiln lines (kilns, clinker coolers, coal mills), and cement mills system through continuous improvement (CI) best practices, which include equipment inspections, audits, monitoring specific operations parameters. Recommending changes on equipment, mechanical maintenance inspections and/or standard operating procedures using High-Performance methodology, within the environmental boundaries we have and in compliance. Direct participation in upgrade/update projects for equipment selection and commissioning following the Company procedures.

  • Manage and control kiln run times, cement mills systems, recommending changes under the Company Procedures and utilization of continuous improvement systems.
  • Ensure compliance of the environmental boundaries set by Company
  • Develop optimization in the process/maintenance, provide feedback and generate alternative and improvement projects.
  • Responsible for Integration, standardization, and participation of best practices in Mechanical Maintenance, Automation and Mechanical processes, working together with a corporate office located in Mexico.
  • Coordinate and ensure knowledge and technical services as well as implementing practices systematized jointly with business units
  • Advice and analyze Financial and Performance Key Indicators every month for Cement.
  • Operations, including monthly Transform Material Cement report.
  • Coordinate Maintenance Managers Meetings across Company US Division.
  • Advise on promoting and maintaining the highest maintenance practices as to systems and processes.
  • Consults and supports Plant Outage every year for planning and execution.
  • Advice on Maintenance Budgets for Cement Operations.
  • Coordinate Maintenance Tactical Team meetings to implement continuous improvement methodology (CI), KPIs, and Advice on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for root cause analysis to improve kiln stabilization and run time.
  • Evaluation of alternatives in the new process, technologies, and equipment.
  • Advice and support on operational business maintenance issues.
  • Interface with vendors, contractors, and engineering firms whose functions are to provide support with technical expertise on Capital Expenditures.
  • Provide coordinators and supervisors with technical guidance and advice on all areas of cement manufacturing plant operations, design of process and maintenance equipment, and the application of new technology.
  • Work with plant personnel of all production areas to diagnose incidents in the field and find the root causes.
  • Completes walkthroughs of all equipment lines in the raw mill, kilns, and finish mill. Also includes physical inspections (internal and external) of equipment in these areas, such as mill, separators, coolers, ducts collectors, bucket elevators.
  • Hire, counsel, and train assigned personnel, set individual goals, evaluate performance, recommend salary adjustments, promotion or transfer, approve time-off, and accomplish objectives through the qualities of strong leadership.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Electromechanical Engineering or related field.
  • A minimum of 10 years of cement industry experience.
  • Solid understanding of thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, physics, maintenance practices and mathematics.
  • 2 years implementing continuous Improvement and 5’S methodology.
  • 2 years implementing the high-performance methodology.
  • 2 years SAP experience
  • 2 years of finance and accounting knowledge.
  • 2 years in Cement Production and Cost Structure.
  • Knowledge of maintenance, production, and process facilities.
  • Mechanical knowledge: Operation, troubleshooting, and corrective action for dust collectors, bearings, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, slurry/FK pumps, air slide, screw conveyors, drag chains and air compressors. Basics of lubrication, hydraulics and pneumatics, vibration analysis, fabrication, and rigging.
  • Process knowledge: (includes kiln, mills, coolers) Startup and shutdown procedures, both normal and emergency; operating parameters; failure modes and interlocks; troubleshooting in the field; system inspections; system components; and material and gas flow.
  • Understanding of complex mechanical and electrical technology and equipment.
  • Managerial skills, ability to coordinate teams and understanding of members´ roles and responsibilities.
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