Job Title
Regulatory Affairs - Lead

Anywhere US

Min Salary

Min Years Experience

This role will interact with external stakeholders and regulatory bodies during development of regulations to provide analysis of the energy efficiency and regulatory landscape. The role will work with senior business leaders and technical teams developing strategies to drive engagement with emerging efficiency and carbon policies, codes and standards impacting the company’s current and future product offerings.

Essential Functions Statement
  • Monitor and quantify federal, state and provincial regulations that directly and indirectly affect products.
  • Manage and maintain positive relationships with select industry associations, regulatory agencies, utilities, utility organizations, and NGO’s.
  • Company representation/participate in key technical and regulatory committees for standards and regulations affecting company products.
  • Develop strategies for alignment with current or upcoming environmental and energy regulations with company goals and priorities.
  • Engage leaders and functional teams to develop and implement departmental policies and procedures related to compliance with published regulations and reporting requirements.

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