Refractory Supervisor

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This position is primarily responsible for all refractory use and its productional needs.
The incumbent reports directly to the Melt Shop Superintendent. Reporting to the incumbent are 10-12 refractory personnel who are responsible for relining the electric arc furnace, ladles, and tundishes. They must have a thorough knowledge of all types, shapes, and brands of bricks, mortars, castables, and patching materials and must know how to reline the equipment for which they are responsible.
Qualifications for this position would include three to five years experience in furnace, ladle, and tundish repair; familiarity with all types, shapes, and brands of refractories; and knowledge of inventory control and melt shop operations and procedures. The incumbent must establish and maintain a good working relationship with refractory representatives.
The incumbent is responsible for performing all refractory work for the Melt Shop; ordering necessary material and supplies; maintaining monthly inventory reports; and receiving, unloading, and storing refractory materials and supplies. The main challenge of the incumbent’s position is ensuring the safety of all employees in the Melt Shop through no refractory failures by properly and safely maintaining and repairing all Melt Shop equipment using refractory material in proper repair.
In performing job duties properly, it is necessary for the incumbent to coordinate efforts through the Maintenance Buyer concerning shipping dates and status of trucks; the Melting Supervisors about condition of furnaces and ladles; to order tools and supplies; and the Maintenance Supervisor concerning the proper upkeep of ladles and tundishes; outside the company, supplies and checking on deliveries.
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Responsible for coordinating the use of ladles and tundishes with melters and casters to ensure proper supply of each. Makes decisions as to depth of lining dig outs and inspects new furnace linings, releasing furnace to melter. Determines and recommends inventory levels on all refractories to ensure proper amounts on hand. Researches supplies, alternate suppliers, prices, and recommends selection of all refractory material. Researches and determines solutions to refractory problems such as excessive wear areas, inferior product quality, etc. Inspect furnace lining, ladle, and tundish linings to recommend reline points. Ensure proper use of all refractory material to prevent waste and ensure maximum utilization of material. Determine shipment quantities and method of shipment. Maintain records on all refractory usage such as heats on furnace lining, ladles, tundishes, etc.
Responsible for unloading and storage of consumable materials for the Mill, and directs subordinates in the performance of heavy plant housekeeping duties.
A majority of the incumbent’s time is spent in directing, controlling, delegating, reviewing, checking, and eliminating ordinary difficulties requiring the use of a wide range of procedures and the exercise of judgement in the analysis of supervisory responsibilities to determine what action would be taken within the limits of standard practice. The balance of the time is spent in such activities as production reports, personnel-related reports and records, safety programs, housekeeping, equipment preparation, and maintenance-related activities.
Industrial and human relations are very important to the effectiveness of this position, as its greatest challenge is to motivate people in the crew and to maintain discipline and good personnel relations involving application of company rules, regulations, and other matters affecting their work. Assists with and actively participates in Melt Shop teambuilding efforts.
 Provide full support for the implementation and management of the Safety In Action system in are of responsibility.
 Participate in all accident and incident investigations in area of responsibility.
 Conduct routine safety activities including inspection tours, employee contacts and visibility tours.
 Ensure that safety rules and requirements are being followed in all work areas.
 Ensure that work rules are posted in all work areas.
 Maintain compliance with visual management standards.

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