Recovery & Utilities Coordinator

Recovery & Utilities Coordinator

Job Description

Provide leadership and process/technical support to the Recovery and Utilities Area. Specializing in the Recovery Boiler, Evaporators, Lime Kiln and Re-causticizing processes. Will also provide support to Power Department side of the operation (Power Boilers, Turbine Generators, Water Treatment). Ensure that the area meets all safety, production, quality and cost metrics and targets. Provide problem solving through planning and conducting trials directed toward productivity improvement, product development, quality improvement and cost reduction.

Required Skills

  • Fully support the mill safety, environmental, and corporate initiatives
  • Lead and support the Kiln/Recaust Manufacturing Excellence initiatives in the Recovery boiler, Evaporators, Lime Kiln and Recausticizing areas.
  • Ensure the Business Unit, Operations, and Supply Chain are fully coordinated
  • Convert the Business Plan to a daily operations plan.
  • Provide technical expertise in the daily operations of the business unit including assisting operators in resolving gaps between production and the plan
  • Mentor and coach operator in concert with shift team leaders in troubleshooting, documentation, and work request quality
  • Define and implement operator training as needed. Analyze and allocate production losses.
  • Participate in the R-Gap and Continuous Improvement Process. Ensure annual targets are met.
  • Work with, prioritize & coach production engineers with the identification and rectification of process performance gaps
  • Work with the Operations Maintenance Coordinator to prioritize maintenance work and support maintenance execution of the work
  • Demonstrates Commitment Model leadership
  • Must have the ability to design and evaluate equipment and processes in terms of chemistry, control strategies, mechanical integrity, energy transfer, thermodynamics, mass transfer, and fluid dynamics
  • Proficient in the use of mill information systems including PTS, InfoStore Client, QCS, SPCS, Aspen Process Explorer, Access, mill intranet, and others
  • Possess ambulatory capabilities to move freely about the mill, ascend and descend ladders and stairways, and tolerate temperature extremes.

Required Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in pulp and paper science, chemical engineering, chemistry, or a related technical area.
  • Proven leadership with a minimum of 5 years of related paper, operational, or manufacturing/industrial experience and 2+ years of supervisory experience
  • Able to provide results which demonstrates process improvement and analytical problem solving abilities
  • Examples of demonstrated leadership required
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