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Registered Nurse 4
Nashville, Tennessee

We are NOW hiring for multiple RN 4 positions for our client the State of Tennessee. These contract positions are FULL TIME ON SITE in Nashville, Tennessee. Schedules are 3-3 rotation which consists of - Week 1 Monday or Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, Week 2 Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday (NOTE: Facility schedule starts Sunday - Saturday) Hours of 6:30 pm to 7:30 am - No special schedules or work 3 on, 3 off etc.


  1. After morning report communicate with staff your expectations, and safety concerns. This applies to RN3 & RN2.
  2. Accountability rounds are to be completed by the oncoming and off going Charge Nurse. This can be done at the same time JCAHO rounds are being completed.
  3. Primary Nursing: RN3 will take additional patients over 12 from RN2’s completing all required tasks for those patients. (When 3 nurses scheduled).
  4. Treatment Team begins at 9:15 AM if RN3 has patients, they can give pertinent info to the RN2 to pass on to the Treatment Team. One nurse will do Treatment Team. RN3 can assist if needed.
  5. RN3 may assist RN2’s with discharges. They are not required to do all discharges.
  6. 24-hour report is to be completed/updated by the RN3/RN2 each shift with any pertinent patient information (Noting behaviors).
  7. Incident reports are to be filled out by the RN who’s team the patient is on. Should another RN wish to assist with the incident report, be sure all information is correct and consistent. Ask Techs present during the incident for their input.
  8. Nurse Crest on Unit is to be run by the Unit RN’s. All hands-on deck. All RN’s must be involved (restraining/de-escalating patient, getting meds, directing staff/patients for safety) Promote “one voice”.
  9. If a Tech tells an RN a patient’s condition has changed etc. The patient’s RN must go out to assess/speak with the patient. Do no dismiss the concerns of the Techs.
  10. If a staff member such as Environmental Services, Social Worker or any other MTMHI staff bring something to your attention, take them seriously and go check it out.
  11. RN’s and Techs are to be present on the Unit engaging with the patients, not sitting at the horseshoe.
  12. Notifications to physicians should not be via email or sticky note. Call and speak to the doctor. RNs are expected to communicate for the team to the provider. Document pertinent information in the IPN (Individual Progress Note)


Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse and experience equivalent to one year of registered nursing (OR) Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse and education equivalent to a bachelor's (OR) Graduate degree in nursing from an accredited college (OR) university (OR) a diploma in registered nursing from an accredited school of nursing
Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of Tennessee (OR) holds a privilege to practice in the State of Tennessee under the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)
A valid motor vehicle operator license may be required