ZSG (Zambito Search Group) is one of the leading Executive Search firms in the Midwest. We are having a record year and are looking to grow our team in Columbus, Ohio!

Executive Search is a rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar industry. Due to demographic changes in the US, there is an extreme talent shortage that will make the Search industry an excellent field to be in over the next twenty years. This job is excellent for those about to graduate college and those who have recently graduated.

Why Do People Enjoy Working at ZSG?

Growth-We offer lots of advancement opportunities (three levels of advancement in less than two years).

Income-Our people earn an exceptional income, that includes an excellent base salary, bonuses and commissions, and a strong benefits package. Like most great sales organizations, total income is uncapped and only limited by your ambition to succeed. Within three years we also expect that you will have doubled or tripled your income!

Freedom-We treat our people like adults, and we don’t micromanage them. Our people also enjoy unlimited vacation and personal time. We encourage entrepreneurial thinking.

Tools & Resources- We offer the best sales tools in the industry, that will allow you to successfully complete searches for our clients. We have a three-tiered training system that allows you to develop into a leading recruiter in your specialty area.

Team-You will be part of a successful team that will teach you the ropes of the business and provide you with lots of collaboration, learning, and mentoring.

Who Do We Hire?

People who are smart and can handle fast moving situations, and are creative problem solvers.

People who like sales, or like interacting with people in general.

People with lots of drive and ambition. Our people are motivated by recognition and being rewarded for achievement.

People who are looking for a proven methodology of doing search, that if followed, will allow them to be hugely successful.

People that have a little bit of a rebellious streak. We value individuality, as well as those that exhibit grit and moxie.

Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and Word and using the internet.

Please send your resume to john@zsgtalent.com to apply

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