Date Posted
Irvine, CA
Salary Range
$50,000.00 - $58,000.00
The position of Research and Development Specialist consists of market and product research planning in alignment with the Marketing, developing and overseeing the products and production procedures in alignment with the Plant Departments complying with food safety standards.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Be responsible for food safety
  • Research, document observed results, analyze data, draw conclusions and make recommendations during product development activities.
  • Apply/Renew R&D related certification and licenses.
  • Plan/schedule a new product development by following the existing R&D procedures and leading all the related departments to complete the whole process.
  • Conduct market research and analysis to determine product image, sales price and potential sales volume, based on those research. Collaborate with the sales department in these processes.
  • Verify whether both ingredients and packaging materials match food safety related standards, such as CFR, state regulations, IMU standards, requirements of third party certification bodies and customers, to determine whether they can be used for product development.
  • Conduct product development testing to visually confirm everything is functioning.
  • Work on nutrition analysis testing and make the nutrition panel based on the federal regulations.
  • Create food labels with knowledge of the food label requirements.
  • Create/update/maintain the accurate QC processing sheets based on the production tests and/or comparing the actual production activities, complying with the quality standards.
  • Create/update/maintain all the R&D related documents.
  • Examine and confirm that product quality, condition and packaging are within determined standards prior to shipment.
  • Update and maintain material specifications following the master ingredients and the master package lists.
Supportive Duties and Responsibilities
  • Support to review and update the IMU’s quality manuals including HACCP/HARPC Plan.
  • Prepare materials and/or documentation in support of the Marketing Division activities assigned for food show and/or client meetings.
  • Travel to various locations to participate in R&D-related events.
  • Support R&D-related documentation for imported products to the U.S
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • 3+ years of Quality Assurance and/or food safety regulatory-related department experience in food industry.
  • Moderate to advanced computer skills (Word, Excel/spreadsheets, PowerPoint etc.)
  • Demonstrated effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Enjoy creating/making something
  • Active
  • Creativity
  • Patient
  • Good at organizing/maintaining documents and data
  • Knowledge of ingredient functionality
  • Knowledge of product and formula development
  • Knowledge of basic food safety rules/regulations
  • Ability to travel
  • Ability to work well in teams
  • Able to perform repetitive tasks with accuracy
  • Preferred: Basic to moderate knowledge of food regulations with specific emphasis on nutritional labeling, natural food ingredients, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). HACCP training certificate obtained within the past 5 years.