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  • Operates Lab Equipment: Trained to effectively operate equipment in the laboratory ranging from CNC sample preparation to tensile testing and, depending on the lab, OES spectrometry.
  • Accountable for Compliance: Accountable for compliance to standards on all remaining manual processes that were not able to be locked down through hardware and software upgrade.
  • Becomes Testing Process Expert: Over time, develops a strong knowledge base for the mechanics of tensile testing and other tests performed in the lab. Works to gain understanding the metallurgy of the process.
  • Interprets Industry Standards: Can interpret industry specification requirements and identify compliance issues in the documentation coming down from the ERP.
  • Interprets Customer Testing Requirements: Can identify differences in testing requirements between industry and customer specific. Flags compliance issues which deviate from the standards.
  • Maintains Lab Equipment: Participates in all required PM activities and reports equipment performance issues immediately to the Lab Supervisor.
  • Compliance Reporting: Required to operate with 100% compliance to new standards for data management and control. Required to immediately report any and all compliance issues identified within the process.
  • Leads Product Dispositioning: Coordinates production go / no-go dispositioning when non-conformances occur.
  • Coordinates Shop Floor Side of Customer Referral Process: Works with Customer Service to coordinate the release and shipment (or otherwise) of referrals for NCM to the customer.

Supports Quality Engineering: Supports the quality engineers in daily activities such as trial coverage, data collection, data analysis and product inspection

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