Quality Manager

Position: Quality Control Manager
Reports To: Vice President, Operations
Staff: Direct Reports: 7
Lab Technician: 5
Physical Testers: 2

To maintain the quality of all Cement Company products in a safe and environmentally friendly manner while meeting compliance set forth by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials, International) and CCRL (Cement Concrete Reference

Oversee Cement Company’s quality control program. Individual is required to manage the day-to-day and long-term operations of the cement plant quality control department in compliance with ASTM standards and procedures for chemical and physical
specifications. Individual must direct the department with a strong focus on personnel safety and environmental compliance while managing costs.


Education: Minimum technical degree in Chemistry/Chemical Engineer and/or equivalent of ten years minimum experience in cement chemistry.

Technical: Individual must possess a thorough understanding of cement manufacturing process & technology (raw grinding, pyro process, finish grinding and quality control systems). Individual should understand X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology, clinker microscopy and influencing factors, product physical testing procedures and methodology, and continually develop technical and professional skills/knowledge in job related areas, such as:

 Cement manufacturing technology
 Computer systems & programs (MS Office)
 Quality control systems
 Analytical equipment & troubleshooting
 Environmental requirements and controls
 ASTM specifications and CCRL requirements

Occupational/organizational knowledge and skills: Individual will learn and apply the organization's culture (organizational values and structure, decision making channels and planning processes) in their management of the department.


The individual should possess:
 Strong attention to detail, observational, organizational, and leadership skills.
 Strong knowledge of mathematics, data analysis, and statistical methods.
 Excellent communication and listening skills.
 The ability to handle stress.
 An ability to train direct reports.
 Appropriate skills to motivate and guide individuals and groups toward goal achievement.
 The ability to focus efforts on details and procedures.
 Good negotiating skills.
 Strong problem-solving skills.
 A thorough understanding of the governing regulatory statues effecting product or employee safety (State and Federal).
 A basic understanding of good financial accountability and planning practices.
 The ability to structure and execute work activities through effective planning, organizing, delegating and managing.
 Conceptual, analytical and presentation abilities.


The individual should be:
 Highly resistant to stress.
 Able to cope with adversity.
 Highly motivated and assertive.
 Resilient.
 Capable of handling the daily stress associated with operations and personnel interactions.
 An example of integrity.
 Capable of handling opposing facts and viewpoints.
 Highly ethical.
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